How to nail mismatched bridesmaid look

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When you’re styling your bridesmaids, please pay attention to their look and the theme. The most common way is to dress them all in similar dresses (usually the color of the wedding party), but sometimes one or more bridesmaids will wear a different dress from the others. This is where mismatched bridesmaids come in. The key is to keep them looking cohesive but stylish at the same time.

How to Nail Mismatched Look

You can make your bridesmaid happy by allowing them to wear dresses’ of their style. Here are ways to achieve the best-mismatched bridesmaid looks.

– Using Paint Swatches As A Color Guide

If you’re having difficulty choosing one color scheme to match the different wedding dresses, try using paint swatches instead. You can get a whole set of matching colors from craft stores. And if you want to keep things on the cheap, grab some of your paint samples.

– Going All Out With a Theme

When planning a mismatched look, focus on a theme that ties in with the dresses. Think monochromatic or black and white party-themed weddings for something that works well for mismatched bridesmaids. Dress your girls in different shades of the same color, or choose pale colors for a fun spring wedding or pastels for an elegant summer fete.

– Keeping It Subtle With Similar Prints

Flower prints are perennial favorites for mismatched bridesmaid gowns because everyone can quickly get on board with one. The trick is keeping the print subtle but distinct enough so that each girl’s dress stands out from another’s without being too jarringly different. You could also use a floral fabric as a finishing touch to complement the print on the dresses themselves.

– Making It Fun Using Different Heels

When girls look good, they feel good – and you want them to have fun at your wedding! Give them something bold and different to help them stand out. To tie it all together, you can use a similar color or print (stripes and polka dots work well) as an accent, particularly on the heels.

– Going Metallic With a Wide Brim Hat

For a fun twist that looks effortlessly chic, try hats! Make sure to choose something with a wide brim, so everyone’s faces are visible and not covered up by the shade of their hats. Also, keep in mind any dress code rules about wearing headgear at your wedding for this one – you don’t want anyone to be denied entry who would look absolutely stunning sans hat!

Why Choose Mismatched Bridesmaid Look

Mismatched bridesmaids don’t have to mean matching dresses with entirely different patterns and colors. It can also include classic dress styles worn by varying body types. Here are reasons why you should consider mixing up your style for your big day!

– Solid Color Dress Styles

The possibilities are endless with this option! You want each girl to be comfortable in what she’s wearing, but you also want everyone to look good together. If each girl wears a different style of dress that is all the same color, you’ll end up with a cohesive look.

– Different Body Types

Dressing your bridesmaids in gowns meant for their body types will give them the confidence they wouldn’t have had otherwise. A 3/4 sleeve or full-length dress can help elongate someone shorter, and your classic v-neck could look amazing on someone with an ample bust line!

– Seasonal Colors

There are so many meaningful ways to incorporate your wedding season into your looks without being too literal. You can go soft floral for spring or watercolor hues for summer.

– Cute Accessories

Since most bridesmaids will wear the same thing, it’s fun to add an accessory that can play off your dress or wedding theme. Whether you want them all in the same color clutch or adding sparkly shoes for some extra bling, there are so many ways to pull this look together without spending too much on each bridesmaid!

– Opulent Details

Bridesmaids with shorter sleeves or strapless styles can be dressed down with simple accessories, but if you’re looking for something more opulent than just a statement necklace, try one of our popular embellished dresses. These dresses feature unique details like sequins, embroidery, and lace, giving each girl her style.


Mismatched bridesmaids can be a cute and cost-effective way to keep her ladies looking lovely on your day. Have fun with this, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks and styles! It would also be a great idea to include some of your ideas in the styles you’re interested in for each of your girls. There is no reason why all the dresses need to look exactly alike, but they should all complement each other in one way or another. Experimenting doesn’t always work out, so make sure you know who is wearing what before ordering them!

Source: Upscale Living Magazine

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