How To Find Best Solar Shades for Your Windows in Sarasota, Florida

Imagine moving to a new place, and you want to have an open, airy home environment, but the filtering is blocking your outdoor views and light. It is nothing less than frustrating living in a hot region like Sarasota, especially during July and August. For such conditions, it is better to invest in some local, high-quality solar shades.

What Are Solar Shades?

It is essential to understand what solar shades are before you go online looking for one to buy. Solar shades, also known as solar window shades, are a type of roller shades made so that their tightly woven fabric threads block harmful UV rays from passing. They not only control the amount of sunlight entering a particular room or area of the house, but they can additionally prevent house appliances and furniture from getting sun damage. It is also given that since less sunlight will be entering your living space, you would not have to run your AC constantly for cooling, therefore, reducing your electricity and energy expenditure.

What Is Shade Openness?

Openness for a solar shade is a term quite often used by shade manufacturers. It means the fabric texture and how capable it is to block sun rays. The higher the openness level, the loser the shade fabric. The lower the openness level, the tighter the material, and hence the sturdiest. 

Some reputable shade manufacturing and installation facilities offer 14% openness level ranges for a customized filtering option. Companies like Sun Protection of Florida provide the highest quality of customizable and retractable sunshades. 

How to Choose Solar Shades for Your Needs?

Some of the significant checkpoints to cross when buying solar shades are to keep a keen eye on:

  • Material color
  • Openness
  • UV-rays Blocking Factor
  • Shade
  • Price

For openness, shade, and UV protection, all companies are morally obligated to display a percentage of efficacy, but only the genuine ones do, so these parameters are easier to grasp. Sun Protection of Florida provides up to 100% protection against UV rays, making them one of the best solar shades Sarasota fl. As for price, it is totally upon the buyer, but sun shades of higher quality are generally costly. 

The most important and informed decision you can make out of all the above mentioned factors is knowing which color suits your needs and your house’s aesthetics. 

The following is a brief explanation.

Which Material Colors Suit My Needs?

It is essential to check if you are buying a light or a dark material sunshade because it will affect the amount of heat repelled by the shades. It all comes down to how you want to utilize your sun shades. 

When choosing a quality sunshade that can block heat but allows more light to enter, decide on a cooler color shade so that 80 to 90% of the sunlight is bounced back, but you still have enough natural lighting that you can enjoy your living room during the day.

The issue with light color sun shades is that they are immune to glares. Dark color shades provide better control over glare, and they have around 97% capability of blocking light. So, if you want to control the amount of light alone entering your space during the day, your best buy would be a dark-colored solar shade. 

Source: Upscale Living Magazine

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