How to Choose the Right Portable Ramp for Your House

Let’s face it; if two things in life are guaranteed for the entire human race, it is that none of us can foresee the future, and every one of us possesses the ability to grow old. Unfortunate events are presented to us all through our lifetime, and for the unluckiest of us, we can find ourselves involved in terrible, unpredictable accidents or developing life-limiting illnesses and be faced with the challenges that limit our mobility and affect the ways we can live our normal lives. 

As we grow old, our bodies become less agile; we begin to struggle with everyday tasks, and then suddenly, we find ourselves hit with the need for crucial aids to enable us to get from point A to B in the safety of our own homes.

Life Events Cannot Be Avoided!

Yes, life can throw obstacles within our path that, unfortunately, sometimes, we simply just cannot avoid. Some of us can find ourselves restricted to the confinements of a wheelchair, making it an immense and sometimes impossible struggle to get in and out of our own homes without the aid of a loving family member or loyal friend by our side. We lose all sense of independence and feel as if we had become a burden to our nearest and dearest and long for the good, old days to return when life was all so much simpler. However, the cold reality is, those days have passed and gone! 

We must adapt to this new, more difficult way of life and learn to rely on others. However, there is a certain aid available to the people of the world that yearn for that little bit of freedom! A tool that can provide you or your loved ones with a glimmer of independence that will give them the confidence to be able to venture in and out of their home with minimal strain to themselves and others, and it comes in the form of a portable ramp! 

A portable ramp can be the answer to all your prayers and could soon have yourself and your loved ones living an easier, more mobile life. With the masses of portable ramps available on the market today, it can be very perplexing knowing just which one is right for your home. Here a few factors to consider before investing in that piece of life aiding equipment.

portable ramp

Find Out Information On Your Mobility Device

You must find out the specific information that relates to your mobility device. Details such as the width, length, accessories, and weight will all need to be taken into consideration. Make sure to bear in mind the total weight combined with yourself and your caregiver to ensure your chosen ramp is compatible; this will save you from a lot of unnecessary bumps in the road if you were to select the wrong one! 

All information should be available on the manufacturer’s site. Or you could choose to cover all areas and invest in the Roll-a-Ramp modular portable ramp, which is a fantastic option to consider. 

The model has a phenomenal weight capacity and provides security with its handrail features on both sides, making it the ultimate ramp to give those with disabilities more access. It is the creme de la creme of portable ramps! 

Think About Where Your Ramp is Going to be Put to Use

When choosing your ramp, think about where you will be using it. Is it going to be used outdoors, maybe you require one to get around your home more easily and independently, or you may desire both? If your main purpose is to use your ramp indoors, aiding you to get over steps within the home or getting down steps into the garden area, then the best idea will be to purchase a threshold ramp. 

A threshold ramp is a simple aid in getting you over daily obstacles such as single steps and unbalanced doorways. However, if your ramp is going to maintain the sole purpose of getting you in and out of your home, you will be better off obtaining a larger ramp, be sure to take into account any environmental factors that may deter the placement of the ramp. Factors including rounded sidewalks, angled steps, and obscure doors must all be taken into account.

The Height and Portability

It is important to calculate the rise of steps that you intend on using your ramp to roll over. Not calculating the correct measurements will result in the incline is too steep, causing issues; it is a good idea to check out the ADA guidelines when measuring. 

You also need to think about the portability of your ramp. For instance, are you intending on making any trips where your ramp will be accompanying you? If so, then you are gonna need a portable resolution; look out for models that are flexible and compact so you can fold it up for easy transportability and use minimal storage space. 

Yes, it can be incredibly daunting and confusing when deciding on which portable ramp to purchase; however, just take into account all of the factors mentioned above, and you will soon be on your way to reviving that small piece of independence you have been yearning for. 

Source: Upscale Living Magazine

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