How Much Is My Rookie Card Worth?

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How Much Is My Rookie Card Worth? | Sports Takes & News |

The numbers are mind blowing as trading cards are selling at auctions for record amounts, with those of Kobe Bryant and Tom Brady reaching nine-figure prices. The recent sale of rookie cards picturing some of the world’s greatest athletes not only has me wondering how much my “rookie card” is worth, but asking myself what else the people who are spending millions could do with their money. 

I think I have an answer that will make many more people happy.

When I played little league, my coach was nice enough to hire a photographer and make baseball cards for me and all my teammates, complete with our stats from that season. When my mother passed away a few years ago, I found the first of those cards, my “rookie card” so to speak, in a place of honor among other family photos on display in her house, despite its age of over 30 years.

As someone who once collected baseball cards and stickers, and quickly grew out of the habit, I have never truly understood the appeal or the need of those who covet pictures of famous athletes before they became great such as the late Kobe Bryant or Tom Brady. Sure, many of these cards have been autographed, but not in front of the person who is spending millions to buy it; so, they are only paying more for a photograph once touched by someone they will probably never meet, making their auction purchase that much weirder to me. 

I accept the fact that those who have a multi-million-dollar hobby or collection of something can afford to use their wealth to indulge themselves by collecting things they couldn’t as a child; but considering how few people will ever see their collection, I think it’s safe for me to say their hobby is more about them than anyone else.

I wish I could tell you how much it meant to me to see my mother still in possession of my baseball cards … and I truly hope that someone with the means to do so reaches out to a youth league when things are back to normal in the sports world and provides that same level of joy to those kids. Because like me, a simple card may be as close as we get to being an athlete, but will provide a lifetime of memories and storytelling for those young boys and girls as well as their families eager to share what their sons, daughters, nieces or nephews are doing with their lives.

In today’s world I’m sure the cost of doing something as simple as creating the “trading cards” for kids is minimal; but for those who receive it, the value will prove priceless, trust me, because I am speaking from first-hand experience. Even it is means adding a sponsor to your league to offset the cost, believe me, it is worth it in way that cannot be measured by zeros and commas, only with smiles, laughter and love … all the reasons why, after all, most of us enjoy playing sports, right? 


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