Hoobastank ‘The Reason’ Is Trending on TikTok

Hoobastank 'The Reason' Is Trending on TikTok

16 years ago, the song made waves for its early-aughts rock instrumental and heartfelt lyrics pledging growth after a relationship gone sour — but for Gen Z, it’s an opportunity to reveal their most embarrassing thoughts and moments.

To the tune of the song’s opening line, “I’m not a perfect person,” TikTok users admit to misunderstanding what hibernation or a life sentence in prison means, accidentally revealing their real age at a bar and more cringeworthy memories.

The hashtag #NotAPerfectPerson currently has more than 512 million views, with the “The Reason” used in more than 73,000 videos.

Amid the trend, Hoobastank was inspired to join in on the fun, creating a TikTok account and hilariously admitting that maybe their band name isn’t the greatest. The clip hit two million views in just 48 hours, and the band currently has 83,500 followers. Seems like Hoobastank found a reason to start over new… and the reason is you, TikTok.

See below for some of our favorite #NotAPerfectPerson videos (including Hoobastank’s).

Source: News | Billboard

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