Here’s Why Black Sports Jerseys Are Overrated?

Here’s Why Black Sports Jerseys Are Overrated? | Sports Takes & News |

Ever since billionaire Steve Cohen purchased the New York Mets there has been a call for the team to bring back the black alternate jerseys they used from the 1998 to 2011. The movement found a friend in Cohen who had hinted in interviews that the black hats and shirts may be back as soon as 2021, making those who want them happier and those who prefer more traditional uniforms sad that another team is giving into the power of the all-mighty dollar. As I ready all of these stories about the return of these alternate jerseys, I ask myself: Am I the only sports fan who thinks black jerseys and uniforms are overrated?

For me, there’s only one team in all of North American sports that should where black uniforms, the NFL’s Raiders franchise. That’s because for me, the Silver and Black of their franchise is the on par with the Yankees’ pinstripes, the Cowboys’ lone star, and the black and gold of Pittsburgh’s three pro sports teams.

The New York Mets when I was growing up and was lucky enough to see them win the 1986 World Series were always in orange and blue at home with the old school grey jerseys on the road. They were the reason why my bedroom was painted orange when I was kid. Now, forgetting why the team even uses their two primary colors (blue for the Dodgers and orange for the Giants who both moved to California) the team, and worse, their fans, want to give into their own history by wanting the black jerseys back.

Teams in most major sports are being just as known for their alternate jerseys as for what they do in games. The NFL has created “Rush” jerseys often seen on Thursday night prime time game, like how many MLB teams use different jerseys for Sunday afternoon games. Joining them in more recent years are NBA teams with their “city edition” jersey that often use throwback designs and color schemes from prior eras.  In the end, however, all of these tributes and extra work by Nike and other uniform makers has one goal, making money, period, end of sentence, next paragraph.

I am not going to watch any more games this season if the New York Mets use or don’t use their “throwback” black jerseys because I am a fan of the team regardless of what colors they are wearing in New York, Miami, Chicago or Los Angeles. There is, at least for me, something to be said for tradition, with teams like the LA Dodgers, Detroit Tigers, and others sticking with what works because that’s their look and there’s no need to change it.

In the end what a team is wearing is a side story for teams that don’t win too often, with those teams that focus on winning more interested in who is wearing their uniform, not what color that uniform is. Thanks, but no thanks on the black jerseys, because I think if the Mets ever do win another World Series, they should do it in their true team colors, not those that have less history than some of the ties I have in my closet. Then again, with millions of dollars to be made, I guess players and franchises will do, say, and wear just about anything nowadays. 


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Here’s Why Black Sports Jerseys Are Overrated? |

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