Here’s The Real Reason Players Want The NBA Logo To Change

Here’s The Real Reason Players Want The NBA Logo To Change | Sports Takes & News |

There have been reoccurring conversations in the year since the tragic death of Kobe Bryant that the NBA should redesign their logo, and use an image of the Hall of Famer in doing so. While Jerry West, the Hall of Famer whose image makes up the current logo would understand if he is replaced by Bryant … the question for me is simple: Why do so many people want to change the NBA Logo? Is it to honor Kobe Bryant, or is there another reason hidden beneath the surface?

Major League Baseball has seen a wiping away of many of the figures from their racist past, most recently the removal of Kenesaw Mountain Landis’ name from the game’s two Most Valuable Player awards. This move by the Baseball Writers Association of America was long overdue, and while not removing the stain of the game’s past, it did help to show that people should be remembered for everything they did, both good and bad.

For the NBA, Jerry West has been “The Logo” for generations. Over the last year, however, many are asking it the league should pay tribute to Kobe Bryant by making him the new player behind the logo. 

So, let’s take this step by step, first, we need to ask if Jerry West has done anything to cause himself of being stripped from the current logo. Unless you think a tampering charge while working for the Clippers in the recruitment of free agent Kawhi Leonard nearly two years ago is a crime worthy of such a punishment, then the answer is no. If you accept that, then ask yourself why someone needs to replace West on the logo now?

Is this considered the highest honor outside of being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and is there no other honor or fitting tribute that can be paid to Bryant other than making him “The Logo”?  As much as I respect the game of Kobe Bryant, it’s easy to say that his transgressions off the court far exceed anything Jerry West did, so, on balance, making a change based upon West’s mistake doesn’t hold water.

As much as I hate to say it, I feel like the NBA Logo debate is becoming a conversation about color, with modern players taking the opinion that having a white player from a bygone era be the logo of a game that is dominated by black players in the 21st century. 

If the league was looking to create a logo from scratch today, then Kobe Bryant would likely be a runaway winner in any poll or contest held for whose image should be used … but it is not that easy since they do have a logo, and let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with it, unless you think it is of a player from the wrong race. And while that opinion is never outwardly expressed, it is difficult to think that with all that has happened over the last year that people both inside and outside the league don’t feel that way. 

As Forbes Magazine pointed out, the NBA has never officially said that Jerry West is the player behind the Logo image, however, the Hall of Famer remembers when it he was told that he was by former commissioner Walter Kennedy. West admits that he never wanted to be The Logo and wouldn’t mind giving up the title. 

As the magazine also pointed out, however, that if any player was officially named the one behind a new NBA logo, especially one who has passed away like Bryant, there would need to be licensing agreements signed to revamp the logo with their image. That would also entail hefty royalties unless they were waived by the player or his estate, making a transition to a new logo potentially costly for the league.

I fully understand and respect those who want to honor Kobe Bryant and what he gave and left behind to the NBA. I just want to understand why people want him to become The NBA Logo; and I would also ask that if another player passes away in the future and the same outcry takes plays to make them the third logo of the league, how they would feel about having Bryant replaced? Because once you open the door they are tying to, then you can’t be upset if someone else opens it again somewhere down the road, leaving Bryant’s legacy to the pages of NBA history. That’s why, in my opinion, let’s leave the NBA logo alone and find another way to honor Kobe Bryant. 


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Here’s The Real Reason Players Want The NBA Logo To Change |

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