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On the Feb. 15 episode of ‘The Bachelor,’ Matt James made a decision regarding whether or not he wanted to continue to get to know Heather Martin by keeping her on the show.

The Feb. 15 episode of The Bachelor picked up after Heather Martin’s surprise arrival. Heather explained to Matt James that she came to the show to meet him after Hannah Brown told her they would be a good match. Matt was understandably caught off guard, but didn’t want to write off the possibility of a relationship with Heather. “She’s been so bold in how she’s pursuing me,” he said. “Up until the point where I’m engaged, I don’t want to leave this with any doubts.”

As Matt considered whether or not to keep Heather around, Heather confronted the remaining ten women who were also trying to find love with Matt. Naturally, they weren’t happy at the potential of Heather potentially adding to the competition, and they let Heather know it. One of the women accused her of “Bachelor hopping,” since she had already been on the show during season 23, and another flat-out told her, “I’m not convinced you’re ready for an engagement.”

heather martin
Heather Martin stunning in a red jumpsuit on the red carpet. (AP)

After being attacked by the other women, Heather was in tears. “I did not expect them to come at me so hard and just treat me like I’m not worthy,” she admitted. She eventually left the room to avoid being called out even more. Meanwhile, Chris Harrison approached Matt to see how he was dealing with the situation.

“I have ten women here that have invested everything and sacrificed so much to be here and I’ve built relationships with them,” Matt explained. “But when someone I respect, like Hannah, who knows me and dated my best friend and knows what I’m looking for, puts her stamp of approval on somebody…that carries a lot of weight with me. Everything Hannah shared with me regarding Heather, it sounds like she checks a lot of those boxes.”

Finally, Matt made his decision, and pulled Heather aside to let her know that he couldn’t pursue a relationship with her at this point. “The reason I was so blown away and stoked to see you is because of my relationship with Hannah and how much her opinion means to me,” Matt told Heather. “Hannah wouldn’t send you here without knowing you’re someone I could be with. That’s why this is hard for me. With where we’re at, being this deep into the process, I don’t know how it could work. I know it’s not what you want to hear and it’s hard to say because of everything I’ve heard about you.”

Of course, Heather was upset, and tried to assure Matt that she was completely serious about pursuing him. “If the circumstances were different, it’d be another conversation,” Matt said. “But I’m falling in love with women who are here and I just gotta follow my heart.”

Finally, Matt walked Heather out, much to the relief of the other women. In a confessional, he further explained, “From everything I’ve gathered from Hannah, Heather seems incredible,” Matt admitted. “I’m honored she flew out here and rented a minivan to meet me, but we haven’t spent time together. We haven’t built those connections that have fostered the relationships that I have with women who are here.” Heather was in tears as she exited the show.

Source: Hollywood Life