Good Idea Or Bad Idea: NBA Changes The Way Fouls Are Called

Good Idea Or Bad Idea: NBA Changes The Way Fouls Are Called | Sports Takes & News |

Has the NBA finally proven to be too much of a “jump shot” and “foul shot” league. If you believe reports from one well-informed league insiders, the answer is YES, and the league is willing to add some new rules to help change that. Two players who have become the target of these potential changes are James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets and Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks who both often jump into defenders to draw fouls rather than attempting to make jump shots. So, do you think the NBA needs some new rules; and would a Harden/Young jump shot rule be a good idea, or a bad idea? 

The NBA rule book is expected to get a face lift if reports are true. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, there is a belief growing around the league that the game has tilted too far in favor of offense and something needs to change this offseason. Two players who are mentioned as the focus of any potential rule changes are James Harden and Trae Young, who both often force contact against helpless opposing players by not jumping straight up, but rather into them to draw a foul while never being able to make the jump shot they are pretending to take.

For James Harden, who often draws fouls with ill-fated attempts from behind the arc, and Trae Young, who is known for pulling up on a fast break and jumping backwards in defenders, the league has left a loophole in their rules that both are taking full advantage of. With the NBA now concerned with the flow and length of games as ratings continue to sag, getting rid of these bogus fouls seems to have become a priority. And to that I say IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!

I say this because the voices inside the NBA are finally noticing that how these players take the easy way out by drawing fouls rather than making real shots or good passes has been hurting the NBA for years. The NBA has pulled out almost every way possible a team or individual player can play defense since almost any form of contact is worthy of an official’s whistle. As a result, both struggling players as well as superstars invest the time in drawing contact to obtain multiple opportunities at the free throw line. These extra game stoppages prolong the game, make for a bad game to watch or attend, and worse, upset television partners. 

News like this doesn’t just reach the ear of anyone as prominent as Adrian Wojnarowski by accident, which means, finally, the NBA is serious about making some meaningful rules changes. While I wish they would also move back the three-point line to limit the number of players who heave a dozen shots or more a game, the time has come for basketball to eliminate the unreasonable contact offensive players draw that defensive players are helpless to stop. When they do, it will provide a much more enjoyable brand of basketball to watch and weed out those players on the court who lack a true offensive game and look to score from the free throw line first.

New rules will also prevent starts like James Harden and Trae Young from padding their stats with cheap, unearned points, and make them get a little dirty by drawing real contact and not be bailed out by whistles.

PLEASE ADAM SILVER: Have the guts to do the right thing and change your rules, you will thank yourself later for it, and so will NBA fans tired of watching a free throw shooting contest. 


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Good Idea Or Bad Idea: NBA Changes The Way Fouls Are Called |

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