GEAR: Calypso portable ultrasonic wind sensor

Calypso Instruments brings us this new Calypso portable ultrasonic wind sensor. Small and light enough to fit in your hand and easily mountable on your boat.  

The Calypso portable ultrasonic wind sensor comes at a time when onboard systems are becoming increasingly integrated and fits well in a captain’s electronic instrument arsenal.

Wireless wind sensors have been around for many years, but none are as neatly packaged as this impressively compact ultrasonic unit, which has no moving parts.

Sitting at a tiny 7cm in diameter and only 5.7cm high it can be mounted at the masthead of a yacht, on the arch of a RIB, or even used as a hand-held unit as it only weighs in at 135 grams.

Power is via a solar panel, backed up with an internal battery that will last for a full year in sleep mode.


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Inside the body of the portable ultrasonic wind sensor are four ultrasonic transducers that are constantly checking the actual wind speed and direction and the apparent wind down to a resolution of +/- 1º.

In active mode it will hold a charge without sunlight for 29 days so even the worst weather over the course of a long passage shouldn’t impair the wind sensor.

Data communication to the boat’s instrument system, smartphone, or Garmin watch is via Bluetooth with a 50m range.

Price: from €499.

Buy Calypso portable ultrasonic wind sensor from Calypso Instruments

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