Fun Mom Dinner – Netflix


Get ready for a raunchy, fun, female led comedy, starring some great comedic actresses, Toni Collette, Molly Shannon, Bridget Everett, and Katie Aselton. “Fun Mom Dinner” simply put is a silly chick-flick, don’t look for any deeper meaning, take it at face value just for the laughs!  You will be sorely disappointed if you are expecting anything more.

Jamie (Molly Shannon) is the only divorced mom in the group is lonely and looking for love, the other moms are overstressed by their kids and husbands and literally at their wits end. So, what do women do when they reach the end of their rope, why they go drinking of course.

The only thing the women have in common is their kids attend the same pre-school. Two of the moms do have a few minor run-ins at drop-off and when the idea of a night out on the town comes up Kate (Toni Collette) is 100% against going, but in the end she agrees. The night is fueled with lots of drinking, weed and Karaoke, what could possibly go wrong?

The four start the evening at a Mexican hot spot and immediately they begin to argue, that is when the alcohol consumption ramps up.  More alcohol, and it is decided to hit up a local bar, this is when things start to get interesting.  Enter bar owner/bartender Luke (Adam Levine), who is just what the doctor ordered for Emily (Katie Aselton), and she is struck like a lighting bolt from the heavens.  Emily and Luke decide to take a walk, they talk about their lives and share a kiss. Back in the bar Jamie has met Barry (Paul Runt) a slightly nerdy guy and they hit it off.  Kate and Melanie (Bridgett Everett) can’t find Emily, so they tell the others, and everyone heads off to track Emily down.  This leads to hilarity on a yacht filled with teens having a party.

Kate (Toni Collette) and Melanie (Bridgett Everett) cannot locate Emily and start to worry, this leads to hilarity on a yacht filled with partying teens, still no Emily.  Wondering what their next step is going to be the women share memories of one of their favorite movies 16 Candles, the coming-of-age film starring Molly Ringwald and everyone’s idea of the perfect guy in Jake Ryan, in 1984 he was the guy every girl wanted.

Emily is found and all is well, having realized that their lives are not quite in the rut they imagined and their husband not as boring and dull as they originally thought.  I told you in the beginning that this was not a film of much substance,  just a fun watch, looking at Adam Levine for an hour is not a hard pill to swallow in the least.





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