Framing Britney Has A Diane Sawyer 2003 Interview Trending

Still waiting on that apology, Diane.

Three days ago, FX and Hulu released the highly anticipated documentary Framing Britney Spears, which offers a detailed look into Britney’s career and decades-long conservatorship.

The doc has opened up a huge conversation around how Britney’s been treated and ultimately failed by the media, from being stalked by paparazzi to completely villainized in her breakup with Justin Timberlake.

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But one part of the documentary that’s particularly heartbreaking — and, IMHO, disgusting — is a 2003 “no holds barred” interview with Diane Sawyer.


Keep in mind, Britney was 22 years old in 2003, and she was becoming much more liberated and embracing her sexuality. She got A TON of unnecessary, slut-shaming backlash for it.

The clip begins with Diane telling Britney, “I have to ask a couple of things about Justin.” And Britney, clearly tired of talking about it, graciously agrees.

Diane then goes on to perpetuate the narrative Justin’s been telling about her breakup, insinuating that it’s all her fault, before asking what it is that she did?


No mention at all of what Justin might’ve done!

Britney, again, is clearly in pain herself and doesn’t want to discuss it any further, but she gives a pretty kindhearted response.

But here’s where things really take a turn for the what-the-actual-fuck: Diane talks about how Britney has “disappointed a lot of mothers in this country” and shows Britney a quote from the then–first lady of Maryland, who says that if she “had an opportunity to shoot Britney Spears,” she would do it.

Britney is UNDERSTANDABLY shocked and disgusted, considering someone she’s never even met — a fellow woman, I might add — just publicly said they’d be willing to harm and possibly kill her. But even still, she tries to maintain her composure.

And then Ms. Diane Sawyer, a supposed brilliant journalist of our generation, actually DEFENDS the fucked up statement instead of sympathizing with Britney!

I’M SORRY. Are these Britney’s kids? No. Is it her job to modify her behavior in order to make this woman and her kids feel more comfortable? No. And she tells Diane just that.

People on Twitter were rightfully upset over the interview, and many called on Diane to apologize to Britney after all these years:

There’s lots to discuss in this Britney Spears doc, but feels like much more time needs to be devoted to the part where a politician’s wife says Britney should be SHOT for the way she dresses and respected journalist Diane Sawyer is like “well, she’s a concerned mother” 😐

Twitter: @speradactyl

I just wanna say real quick that Britney didn’t deserve that kind of treatment back then, and she doesn’t deserve it now. If you’re a parent, and you feel threatened by the way a woman is carrying herself — in a way that’s completely separate from your life and your kid’s life — maybe use a little introspection to think about WHY you feel that way instead of attacking her. Or at the very least, keep those damn opinions to yourself.

Sending you lots of love and light, Britney. On behalf of Diane Sawyer, we are so sorry. 💕

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