Fox News In Disarray As Chris Wallace Sets Up Liz Cheney To Call Tucker Carlson Un-American

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Rep. Liz Cheney said that anyone spreading the 1/6 false flag lie is un-American.


 Cheney said when asked by Chris Wallace if there was any truth to the claim that 1/6 was a false flag operation:

None none. It’s the same thing that you hear people saying 9/11 is an inside job. It’s un-American to be spreading those kinds of lies, and they are lies. We have an obligation that goes beyond partisanship and an obligation that we share, Democrats and Republicans together, to make sure that we understand every single piece of the facts about what happened that day. 

We need to make sure that the people who did are held accountable. To call it a false flag application and spread those lies is dangerous. 

Liz Cheney And Chris Wallace Were Taking Aim At Tucker Carlson

The fact that Wallace teed Cheney up for that question makes it evident that they were talking about Tucker Carlson and his streaming “documentary” about the 1/6 attack being a false flag operation.

As the 1/6 Committee gets deeper into their investigation, it will be interesting to see if Tucker Carlson’s name pops up in association with the Trump coup and 1/6 attack.

Liz Cheney is the vice-chair of the 1/6 Committee. She publicly criticized Fox News and Tucker Carlson for his “documentary.” Carlson is on Cheney’s radar, and it is worth tracking how deep the coup plot that started in the White House and rolled through congressional Republicans goes.

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