Fernando Tatis, Jr. wins beef with Trevor Bauer thanks to hilarious photoshop

Fernando Tatis, Jr. and Trevor Bauer took their on-field disagreement to Twitter on Sunday.

Bauer is all for being embarrassed on the field, but when it comes to Twitter, the rules change. The Dodgers hurler called out Tatis, Jr. for supposedly stealing signs on at least one of the two home runs he hit on Saturday night, both of which came against Bauer. Tatis, Jr. has hit four home runs in his last two games.

Stealing signs is a serious offense in today’s game, despite the fact that just about any baserunner at second base will try to relay the catcher’s signals to their teammate at home plate. Nonetheless, Bauer claimed to be pro-celebration, and for lack of a better term pro-fun, after Tatis, Jr. pimped two home runs off of him Saturday. That’s not longer the case, evidently.

Fernando Tatis, Jr. wasn’t about to let Trevor Bauer get the last word

While the Dodgers are the better team on the field right now record-wise, I think I’m gonna have to call game. Tatis, Jr. went full amateur photoshop to get the final word, and despite Bauer’s response, there’s just no beating that.

Cool? Not sure what you’re inferring there, Trevor. Most of us made it past middle school.

Regardless of which fan base you may rep, Tatis, Jr. and Bauer jawing back and forth on the field and on social media is great for the game of baseball. This NL West rivalry arguably hasn’t even reached its peak yet, with Tatis, Jr.’s Padres still on the come up, looking to surpass the rival Dodgers in a season where they’re expected to win the National League and World Series once again.

The Dodgers claim playing the Padres is just another regular season series. Moments like this prove once and for all that’s simply not true.

Source: FanSided

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