Expect Dak Prescott to run less to stay healthy

Mobility has been a big part of Dak Prescott’s game with the Dallas Cowboys, but that could be changing in 2021.

Being able to make plays with his legs has both helped and hurt Dak Prescott in his Dallas Cowboys career.

Prescott first came on the scene as a dual-threat quarterback in the SEC for Dan Mullen’s Mississippi State Bulldogs. While he has become infinitely more of a passer since arriving in the NFL in 2016, Prescott will still occasionally use his feet to fight for first downs. However, he has suffered a pair of injuries the last two years stemming from running. He may be doing it less now.

“I’ve got to be smarter,” Prescott said. “The best ability is durability, and I have to be there for my team.”

The Dallas Cowboys cannot afford Dak Prescott to miss any more significant time

Prescott broke his ankle early in the 2020 NFL season. He was trying to make a play with his legs vs. the New York Giants and ended up having to be carted off the field. Prescott also hurt his shoulder in a 2019 contest vs. the Los Angeles Rams by trying to extend the play with his feet. While mobility will likely forever be a part of his game, Prescott has to adapt on his new contract.

If Prescott has his health, then the Cowboys can win the NFC East in 2020. Everything hit the fan for Dallas in Mike McCarthy’s first year in the sidelines. Though a sub-.500 record will not win the division again, a slightly improved and healthier Cowboys team can host and win a home playoff game in 2021. This is all contingent on Prescott playing more from the pocket than ever before.

Will Prescott be willing to do this? It is what the Cowboys are paying him to do. We also cannot overlook him being in McCarthy’s offensive system for another season, as well as having Kellen Moore as the team’s offensive coordinator for another year. With that in mind, the Cowboys have the necessary offensive rapport to make slight micro-adjustments to Prescott’s incredible game.

Though Prescott will still run the ball, expect him to do it a lot less now to help him stay healthy.

Source: FanSided

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