Effective Crisis Management: How Do You Get Everything Right…When Everything Around You Is Going Wrong?

Effective Crisis Management: How Do You Get Everything Right…When Everything Around You Is Going Wrong?

When a crisis occurs involving your company it can suddenly feel like the world is coming apart around you. You’re tasked as the one on point to help bring it under control, but you aren’t sure where to even start. For your company, these challenges have the potential to inflict steep human and economic consequences.

Here is our 8 step roadmap to help you execute an effective crisis management plan.  

Step 1: Immediately create a crisis team and assign specific roles to each member – Think about all players: spokesperson, attorney, board, PR professional, influencers, etc. Gather as much information from the situation as possible and make sure the team is up-to-speed on all of it. 

Step 2: Generate an action plan and triage the list – Create a quick checklist of all the areas that need to be addressed and taken care of. Triage your response based on level of importance and severity of the crisis. 

Step 3: Quickly identify key stakeholders and key influencers – Once identified, get talking points to anyone who might be contacted by the media. Decide if you need to talk to other organizations that might be impacted to make a joint statement.

Step 4: Identify external and internal communication channels – Use all communication channels – including website, email, social media (Facebook & Twitter) as well as in-person meetings. 

Step 5: Develop a few clear, simple messages for the media and the public – Get your statement out in a timely manner, and always include where to go for more information. 

Step 6: Monitor and track news coverage in real-time – Keep contact names and numbers of all media inquiries so you can call them back with updates and control the message. 

Step 7: Be prepared for the aftermath – Expect and manage emotional backlash, scrutiny, or loss of faith in the organization with honest and forthcoming communication. 

Step 8: Evaluate and create an updated crisis plan – Assess and analyze past and current crises to create and implement active steps that PREVENT another crisis in the future. 

Your Business Can Survive the Crisis

Evaluate, adjust, and create solutions to build revenue. In these unique circumstances, we can lead your business through necessary changes and strategy shifts. Your business is not alone. In need of assistance? Contact Marc Silverstein and Kathy Fowler at info@onthemarcmedia.com to get started.

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