Eagles using rock, paper, scissors to determine their NFL Draft picks

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni is using an unconventional tool to help decide who the team will pick in the NFL Draft.

The Eagles don’t have the greatest track record in the NFL Draft, so getting it right in 2021 is imperative. Their 11 picks this year will shape Nick Sirianni’s tenure as head coach.

The rookie head coach is deploying an unexpected method to help shape the team’s draft board.

In a stroke of genius or madness, Sirianni has turned to rock, paper, scissors.

The Eagles have the No. 12 pick in the first round. Whoever they select must be an exceptional rock, paper, scissors player. Hopefully, they’re equally as good at playing the game of football.

Nick Sirianni could be the next Ted Lasso with unconventional evaluations

Anyone who has watched and loved Ted Lasso knows that sometimes the unconventional can be useful.

Maybe competitiveness truly can be revealed by a game of hand gestures. It could be as much about buy-in as competition. If your head coach asks you to play a game of rock, paper, scissors, are you game? Or do you participate grudgingly?

Of course, that child’s game won’t be the only thing Philadelphia will be basing their draft selections on, but it’s fun to think of it playing a role.

NFL teams have asked crazy things of draft prospects. One team challenged a player to a staring contest in 2019.

Here’s a recommendation for Sirianni: Next year, try thumb wars. Better yet, go with a good old game of hot hands. There’s no better way to gauge someone’s will to win than how many smacks they’re willing to take.

It’s doubtful the NFL would let him play Bloody Knuckles with prospective draft picks, but that’s another candidate.

Source: FanSided

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