Draymond Green Learned A Lesson During Women’s History Month

Draymond Green Learned A Lesson During Women’s History Month | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

Many people around the country from all walks of life are adding their voices to Women’s history month, and in the celebration’s final days, athletes are also joining in to share how thing can and should be improved. One of those athletes to do so was Draymond Green, the often-outspoken member of the Golden State Warriors, who shared his views on the topic of gender equality and offered his opinion as to how women can improve their standing in the sports world. His advice, however, was not welcomed by those he intended it for, with Green learning an important and valuable lesson others have been learning for years, don’t comment on other people’s problems, especially when you don’t understand them or the topic you are discussing. 

Draymond Green took to Twitter this past Saturday to explain how women need to take charge of their quest for equality. Green used his social media platform to inform his followers that he turned down the chance to do public service announcements for Women’s history month since he felt the corporations doing them were “hypocritical,” because they were not willing to put money behind their words when calling for gender equality. 

Green then encouraged women from all sports to call upon corporate America to increase their financial investments in their sports by tweeting, “They can easily tell y’all stories. But they don’t have to because the requests that are being made are falling on deaf ears because y’all keep saying pay me more, with no way to drive the revenue. Force hands!” This was where things went wrong for Draymond Green. 

In response to the comments made by Green came a quote Tweet from Megan Rapinoe, who stood up for equality between the United States Men’s and Women’s National Soccer Teams. Rapinoe sued for better pay and working conditions at a time when women were winning World Cup titles. 

Rapinoe’s comments were simple, direct and informed Green how ill-informed he was on the topic of gender equality. “Respectfully,” Rapinoe wrote to Green, “do you really think we haven’t been out here asking for more investment more resources more storytelling more branding and marketing dollars more youth investment more investment in coaches more TV time.”

Rapinoe also had some advice for Green, turning his own words against him by tweeting: “When they call you about doing a PSA for Women’s Month, why don’t you also tell them alllllllll the things we have been telling them, since forever … And you know who largely are the gatekeepers to that money, investment, resources, capital, time and sponsorship dollars are? Men. Do you know who men listen to? Other men.”

Draymond Green hopefully learned an important lesson this weekend, one that was learned last year by the recently retired quarterback Drew Brees. That lesson is this: When speaking about the causes of other people, make sure you are well informed, or it’s best to remain silent except to ask how you can help, not tell others how to fight those battles. 

I am sure many Americans would learn a lot listening to Green about life as a Black male in this country, but I wouldn’t turn to him to discuss gender equality issues anymore than I would want his opinion about how Indigenous Americans or any immigrant group has been mistreated in this country.

Many people in the spotlight have known for years that speaking about the issues of other groups of people is a dangerous endeavor and opens you up for criticism when you only offer help. There are times when the best help you can offer is to listen and give those fighting for a cause a chance to voice their own opinions, not express any of your own. Hopefully, Draymond Green learned something and listened to what he was told in response to his comments; because in the grand scheme of things, that’s the only way anything will change, from listening to each other. 


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Draymond Green Learned A Lesson During Women’s History Month | TooAthletic.com

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