Does Jared Goff Truly Believe He Can Turn The Lions Around?

Jared Goff

Does Jared Goff Truly Believe He Can Turn The Lions Around? | Sports Takes & News |

There’s nothing like bringing in a new quarterback to revive the hopes and dreams of NFL fans. When those fans cheer for the Detroit Lions, however, expectations have been dashed for over a half century by the team’s play on the field. Now, with Matthew Stafford traded to Los Angeles, it’s Jared Goff’s turn to take over as the team’s leader on the field, and the former Rams QB is doing all he can to ensure Lions fans he is the missing piece to a championship puzzle. Is Goff, who was considered the “other” quarterback in the Stafford trade, trying to put a happy face on his new situation, or does he truly believe he is the player that can take Detroit to the Super Bowl? 

Speaking at his introductory press conference Friday, Jared Goff finally spoke out about his trade to the Lions. When asked if the departure of Stafford and his arrival means the teams is resetting itself for future years, the former Cal Bears quarterback replied, “It’s not a rebuild at all, to be honest. I know you guys are going to throw that word around. I don’t see it as that at all. I think it takes the right pieces to win, but it can happen in one offseason.”

Goff added, “It’s going to take a lot of hard work and that’s the challenge that I think I’m most excited for is this challenge of bringing this team and bringing this city and bringing this culture back to what it should be. I know it won’t happen overnight, I know it won’t happen in a week, it won’t happen in a month, but it can happen very quickly.”

The Detroit Lions have said that heading into the 2021 draft and selecting a quarterback is not out of the question. This means that not only is Jared Goff likely not part of the team’s future, but also his time on the team may be limited to one or two years, serving as a bridge quarterback until the team can find its future franchise player. It’s that bridge QB status that allowed the Lions to even trade Matthew Stafford to LA, with the three first-round picks as lure to complete the deal and will allow Detroit to begin rebuilding its team over the next few years, beginning this offseason.

Jared Goff was not speaking to fans of the Detroit Lions Friday, he was speaking to the fans of the next team he will play for, probably in the 2023 season when he will turn 29 and still has a chance to become the quarterback he was projected to be when taken first overall in the 2016 draft. Goff knows full well that there’s little he can do with a rebuilding team to earn another contract extension, and that he is only a placeholder, the man who replaced Stafford, until someone else comes along and replaces him. 

I give Goff credit for putting a brave face on a nearly hopeless situation; but really, what else can he do?  After all, he, like most other NFL players is not only playing for wins, but for dollars in the form of a new contract, something Goff likely has 32 games to play in Detroit before he goes back to the free agent market. It is then he will be able to state his case as being the starting quarterback for a team one player away from being a title contender.

“I plan to put us over the top. I plan that to be my job is to be the quarterback of this team and put us over the top and get to the playoffs and win multiple playoff games and win a championship,” Goff said during his press conference Friday. A great speech, but two years early, because he should have saved those words for when he joins Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots for their 2023 Super Bowl run since, by then, “The Hoodie” will be ready for a quarterback upgrade and Goff is the kind of player he can win with.

Goff is talented, eager to prove and redeem himself, as well as humble and coachable, the kind of player who can prove that both coach and player can win in the right system and with the right group of players around them. 


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Does Jared Goff Truly Believe He Can Turn The Lions Around? |

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