Does hiring Scott Boras signal free agency plans?

Carlos Correa might be the biggest name on the MLB Free Agency market, but is his move to hire Scott Boras a sign of what’s to come?

As the MLB lockout frustratingly continues, the free agency rumblings and indications haven’t stopped. And one of the biggest dominos that should fall once the league finally restarts is shortstop Carlos Correa. Where he’ll land, however, remains a mystery.

But while he’s not signing with any team, the superstar middle-infielder has made a big move that will affect his free agency negotiations and eventual contract.

On Tuesday night, news broke that Correa had hired one of the most high-profile agents in the business, Scott Boras.

Carlos Correa hiring Scott Boras could give free agency indications

Boras is (in)famous in the baseball world for getting top dollar for his clients. So as a financial decision, it would make sense as to why Correa would want Boras negotiating on his behalf when the time comes.

However, the bigger interest with Correa hiring Boras comes in the teams that might end up on the outside looking in regarding the sweepstakes to sign the shortstop if his new agent is indeed going after the big bucks that the Astros stalwart has already reportedly been looking for.

To put it plainly, teams that were hoping that they could come in and strike an even remotely team-friendly deal with Correa are likely now out of the running. Meanwhile, you have to imagine that notorious big-spending teams like the Dogers, Yankees and Red Sox — all of which have been connected to the shortstop — are still very much in the running.

Of course, this is all speculation. But given Boras’ reputation and some of the big market, deep-pocketed organizations said to be in the mix to sign him, there are pieces that could be put together that could narrow down the landing spots for Correa.

Source: FanSided

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