Do You Have An Invite? How Clubhouse Is Taking Over the Social Media Scene

Clubhouse is the hot new audio-only app dominating social media with its high-profile users and niche chat rooms. With opportunities for networking, business growth, and building personal connections, it’s obvious why everyone wants in. The catch? No posts, no comments, and no one can join without a coveted invite–the only way to get it is to know someone who already has one.

I’ve secured an invite – now what?

Jumping onto Clubhouse is kind of like attending a convention without the hassle of travel. Each “room” you wander into has a topic, with experts on the stage sharing insights. Members of the audience are able to ask questions and join in the conversation. 

To get started, you have to receive one of those coveted invites, then fill out a quick initial survey about your hobbies and interests. Your home screen will then be flooded with all the “rooms” currently in session. Topics discussed in rooms are endless and range from the best investment moves for your BitCoin to all the drama that went down on last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

How do I join in the conversation?

Once you find a room that piques your interest, you can enter as an audience member. The top of the room is known as the “stage.” The stage gives all moderators and speakers the ability to mute and unmute themselves. At the bottom are the audience members. Only the moderator of the room can choose who can unmute their mics and participate in the discussion. Have something to say? Just raise your hand with the icon, and a moderator will bring you up on the “stage” to share.

Will this really help me grow my business?

Yes… and no. Clubhouse prides itself on being a place where people can connect, and the communities of like-minded people within the app can sniff out a fraud from a mile away. If you download the app thinking you will promote your business in every room, you’re wrong. There are opportunities to plug your business, but only at the right moments. It is important to go into rooms and clubs with the intention of creating new professional connections. You can then nurture those connections off the app either through Instagram, Twitter, or email. Establishing yourself as a thought-leading in your niche topic and hosting rooms or creating a club about it is the best way to gain a following and an interest in your business.

Yet another social media app… Do I really need it?

The focus on audio-only and the exclusivity of the platform is both a differentiator and part of the appeal. Living in a socially distanced world for over a year, people have turned to the internet and social networks to stay connected. While we round the corner from the pandemic, people are tired of non-stop video calls and always being on-camera. The audio-only aspect makes interactions on Clubhouse feel more personal without worrying about eye contact, what you are wearing, or where you are.

Clubhouse is steadily gaining traction in the social media world. Now is the time to jump into the scene by securing that coveted invite. As popularity increases, the app will become oversaturated with leaders and influencers, and you want to make sure you are the original thought-leader in your specialty. 

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