Derek Jeter wishes Red Sox prospect Jeter Downs luck, under 1 condition

Derek Jeter wished his namesake (sort of), Boston Red Sox prospect Jeter Downs, good luck before he makes his MLB debut.

Downs will make his debut against the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night. He was an essential piece in the Mookie Betts trade, which sent the All-Star outfielder to the Los Angeles Dodgers just a few offseasons ago.

Downs ranks as one of the better prospects in Boston’s system, and while his entrance into the big leagues might not be a permanent one, expect him to try and make an impact.

He’s already gotten the attention of one of Boston’s fiercest rivals — former New York Yankees shortstop and Baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter. Jeter, who has met Downs previously, wished him luck on social media.

Talk about class, personified.

Derek Jeter wishes Red Sox prospect Jeter Downs luck

While it’ll be years until we know how Downs and Alex Verdugo turn out in Sox colors, the smart money is on Betts out-performing both of them. Betts is an otherworldly talent. He’s the kind of player you sign long-term, especially when you have Boston Red Sox money.

Fenway Sports Group owns portions of Liverpool and the Pittsburgh Penguins. They dabble in other sports because they have the money to do so. Yet, they can’t keep Mookie around, nor can they sign Xander Bogaerts or Rafael Devers long-term. At least that’s what this looks like from the outside.

But, we should not fault Downs for the mistakes of his franchise. He appears to be a ver capable, MLB-ready infielder. Here’s to hoping some well-wishes from a first-ballot Hall of Famer help get the point across.

Source: FanSided

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