Democrats Get It Done As House Announces Bill To Avoid Government Shutdown

Democrats once again show the American people what a functional no drama government looks like with a deal to avoid a shutdown.

House Appropriations Committee Chair Rose DeLauro announced:

The House is going to pass the CR. The Senate is likely to follow as McConnell and Schumer have been talking for days to avoid a government shutdown. Neither party wants a government shutdown before Christmas. It is a bad look for every member of Congress, and it also cuts into their plans to leave Washington by the middle of the month for Christmas recess.

There are a few Senate Republicans, led by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), who want a vote on repealing Biden’s vaccine mandate and are threatening a shutdown if they don’t get it, but Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) threw cold water on that idea:

Republicans know that shutdowns are bad politics for them, and shutdowns over Christmas are even more toxic and quickly tank approval ratings.

Democrats Are Delivering On Items Big And Small

Democrats are making government work for the American people. Some congressional Republicans are still trying to play hostage politics with government funding, but Democrats continue to set the tone and get things done.

The government is running smoothly again because the adults are in charge and delivering for the American people.


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