Dana White Faces Backlash Over Tweet About Chris Weidman

Dana White Faces Backlash Over Tweet About Chris Weidman | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

Dana White faced some heat this past weekend after posting a video on social media showing the gruesome leg injury suffered by Chris Weidman Saturday night at UFC 261. White took the moment not to offer support for Weidman, who may have seen his career end, but to use the video to promote Uriah Hall, the match’s winner. This, as many people know already, is how Dana White operates, with his “Next Man Up” approach only taken to the extreme, just as everything else in the world of Mixed Martial Arts is done in the octagon. 

The UFC is as much the product of Dana White as it is the fighters who participate in a sport that in one second can see their lives change forever. For White, who is to Mixed Martial Arts as Vince McMahon is to wrestling, how he does things may appear strange sometimes, but clearly it works as marked by his sport’s increased popularity in recent years. Could Dana White have not used the video of Chris Weidman on Saturday night?

Of course, just as hyping up the fact that Uriah Hall becoming the first fighting in UFC history to win a bout without throwing a punch is a stat we could not gone without knowing this weekend, or ever. However, if Dana White didn’t promote his sport that way, would the number of people who do care about it be that interested in it now? 

Combat sports as much as any other sport allows fans to see the quick rise and even quicker fall of an athlete, sometimes right before our eyes. Unlike boxers, who often can win while in their declining years, MMA fighters are sometimes not afforded that luxury, just as the case of Chris Weidman, who had his leg shatter when it was blocked by Uriah Hall seconds into their bout. 

Dana White doesn’t have time to wait around to find out what will happen to Chris Weidman since it was clear to anyone who saw the injury, he won’t be back in the octagon anytime soon. So, for White, the time quickly came to turn the page, and for anyone, fan or foe of Mixed Martial Arts, to acted surprised or become offended by what White did is laughable. That’s because you are watching a violent combat sport, but yet you are upset that the promoter is highlighting violence. This is the business every fighter who entered into competition understands, yet somehow fans don’t. Or those who don’t understand the sport’s appeal want to criticize.

Trust me, I am not a fan of Dana White the person. I thought he acted reckless during the height of the pandemic last year, and he will probably find new ways to act reckless later this year and in the years to come. This time, however, Dana White was being Dana White, because he was looking forward to what he did this weekend, something almost every businessperson must do in order to survive. 

Was what White did cold-hearted? Yes, of course it was, but that’s the nature of the business of Mixed Martial Arts and all combat sports, so why is Dana White being held to a higher standard? Because people don’t like him, or because his sport is so popular nowadays?

Either way, be as angry as you want at Dana White this week, because while you may only watch what happened to Chris Weidman once, you are, once you hear about his injury, likely to look for the video to watch. And thanks to Dana White, you have a place to do see what happened Saturday night, which, for any business, is exactly what you want. In this case, if you want to hate the sport, go ahead, just don’t hate the promoter/president of the sport, because he was doing his job, period. 


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