Damien Woody says Jets were most ‘dysfunctional’ franchise he played for

Damien Woody says the Jets were the most ‘dysfunctional’ franchise he ever played for.

Former NFL star turned ESPN broadcaster, Damien Woody, spent his lengthy football career playing for three franchises. He spent five years with the New England Patriots, four with the Detroit Lions and another four with the New York Jets. But it was his time with the Lions he describes as the most hectic time of his career due to the franchise being dysfunctional.

“I went from the Patriots, which was the model franchise,” Woody told FanSided. “And then I went to the Lions, and it was … I went from the mountain top to the valley low. It was … just to give you an idea, and I love Matt Millen, he is a good friend of mine. And we all know Matt Millen is going through a lot of health-wise, But this is a guy that he didn’t even live … you know, your own GM doesn’t even live in the sample place you’re based out of. That, to give you a clue as to how dysfunctional it was with the Lions.”

Damien Woody gives former teammate, Dan Campbell, his seal of approval

His former team announced a new head coach, Dan Campbell, in January and Woody thinks he’s a great choice for his former stomping grounds.

“I like Dan Campbell, I do,” Woody said. “I understand the whole, what was it? Knee cap eating or whatever it was that he was talking about in his press conference. But I actually played with Dan, for a couple of years, we were for teammates in Detroit. All real solid dude. You could see that he was, head coach material … real smart, passionate, that jumps out into, you know from the press conference. And it seems like he’s put together a really good staff. I really like his staff that he put together. And so I’m rooting for him I hope he does well.”

Woody spoke to FanSided on behalf of Novo Nordisk.

Source: FanSided

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