Country Order for Olympic Opening Ceremony

With the Tokyo Olympics finally underway, what is the country order for Olympic Opening ceremony to be held on Friday?

The wait is finally over, as the Tokyo Olympics are finally underway.

All of the opening ceremony festivities were supposed to already be a thing of the past, as the Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to take place last year. Due to the global pandemic, the Olympics were postponed until this summer and it feels as though the wait was worth it.

Country Order for Olympic Opening Ceremony

If it seems like countries are walking out in a strange or unconventional order, there’s a good reason for it.

This year’s Country Order for Olympic Opening Ceremony festivities will go according to the Japanese alphabet. So while the order may seem strange to countries around the world expecting alphabetic order to go according to what they follow, there will instead need to be some conversation of the Japanese alphabet to decipher when your country will be making its storied walk around the Olympic Stadium.

If you’re wondering when Team USA will make its walk, it will occur toward the end of the Opening Ceremony flag walk. While the Japanese alphabet differs from the English-language version, the order of countries is also structured around former host countries.

Japanese alphabet in English

There’s no one-to-one translation of each English-langue letter in the Japanese alphabet.

Source: FanSided

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