Could This Receiver Help Keep Aaron Rodgers In Green Bay?

Could This Receiver Help Keep Aaron Rodgers In Green Bay? | Sports Takes & News |

There could be a way for the Green Bay Packers to help convince Aaron Rodgers to stay with the team for the 2021. No, it doesn’t involve firing anyone as has been requested by the future Hall of Fame quarterback, but having that person pull off a trade for some much-needed offensive help. That player is wide receiver Julio Jones, and the Atlanta Falcons might need to move their aging star to clear salary cap space, making his trade value more befitting his talent level. For the Packers, however, bringing in another star to share Lambeau Field might just be enough to keep Rodgers wearing his Packers’ #12 instead of becoming a full-time game show host this fall.

Thanks to the NFL’s salary cap rules, June 1st has become an interesting date on the offseason calendar. That’s because teams who wish to move players may do so after that day and lessen the “dead money” cap hit that player leaves behind after being traded or released. Two players who are being mentioned as potentially being moved in a couple of weeks are Aaron Rodgers and Julio Jones, but each for very different reasons. 

If you look at the Atlanta Falcons Twitter account, wide receiver Julio Jones has already been taken out of the team’s 2021 plans after not being pictured on the team’s new schedule wallpaper. The player that owner Arthur Blank wanted to keep with the team for his entire career may have already played his last game with the team.

Reports are beginning to surface that Julio Jones contract may be too much of a burden for the team to carry this season, making the wide receiver a tradable asset for the Falcons in less than two weeks.  So, which NFL teams should be calling Atlanta after the Memorial Day weekend; and will the Green Bay Packers be one of those teams?

Julio Jones has such a huge contract that keeping him on the roster this month is preventing the team from signing their recently drafted players. As a result, according to Dan Graziano of ESPN, once June 1st arrives, the Atlanta Falcons may have no choice but to trade the fading star wideout and hope that incoming rookie tight end Kyle Pitts can fill his shoes in the team’s offensive.

With three years left on his contract but no longer asked to be the #1 receiver wherever he goes, Jones could be a good #2 for a contending team. Insert the Green Bay Packers who should be wiling to give up the expected asking price of a second-round draft pick to obtain Jones to go along with Davante Adams and Amari Rodgers as a formable WR trio next season. The move would go a long way to convincing Aaron Rodgers to stay in Green Bay since it is doubtful any quarterback would want to walk away from that much offensive firepower, even out of spite of his general manager. 

Other teams being mentioned at potential landing spots for Jones are Baltimore, Indianapolis, New England, Tennessee and San Francisco, all of which have or could make move under their own salary cap to add the wide receiver.

There is no more of a “now team” in the NFL than the Green Bay Packers, and with the team fighting the quarterback to stay despite his wishes to run away or demand a trade, the franchise needs to make a bold move to try and keep him. While no longer in his prime and coming off an injury-plagued 2020 season, Julio Jones may just be enough to keep Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay or be enough to help Jordan Love pick up when #12 leaves the team, thus keeping the Packers in Super Bowl contention for the 2021 season at least.

Acquiring Jones would make sense as long as the price doesn’t get too unreasonable for a player having his salary dumped by the Falcons. This means Green Bay would be foolish not to call about Julio Jones after the Memorial Day weekend and find out if a deal can be reached; otherwise, the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders will be on line two and three asking what the cost of trading for Rodgers will be. 


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Could This Receiver Help Keep Aaron Rodgers In Green Bay? |

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