College Football Playoff considers expanding up to 16 teams

The College Football Playoff could potentially be expanded to 16 teams in the coming years.

Though College Football Playoff expansion feels inevitable at this point, expanding to 16 teams is just flat-out ridiculous.

ESPN’s Heather Dinich reported the College Football Playoff Management Committee met virtually this week to discuss possible expansion scenarios. The committee discussed several potential outcomes, including going from four to six teams, and all the way up to 16 teams.

While the four-team format will not change in the next two college seasons, expansion discussions are being had, and it’s an inevitability that expansion is coming in the future.

“Since January 2019, when the presidents charged us with taking a careful look at all aspects of CFP, including the format, this group has diligently evaluated options for the future,” said executive director of the College Football Playoff Bill Hancock. “Its efforts were delayed as a result of the pandemic, but it met again this week in Dallas, and we look forward to hearing more when its work is complete.”

“I want to remind everyone that whatever recommendations the management committee may make, all decisions about our future format—whether to remain at four teams or change to a different format—will be made by the 11 presidents and chancellors who manage the CFP.”

“We are entering the eighth year of our 12-year agreement for the College Football Playoff and the management committee is extremely satisfied with the popularity and success of the CFP. It is wise and good management to review where we stand as we discuss what the future might—’might,’ for emphasis–look like.”

How should college football fans feel about expanding the playoff beyond four teams?

Is expanding the College Football Playoff a good or bad idea?

Since its creation, the playoff has had only four teams getting in annually since 2014. It will be that way for the next two years. A reason for expansion is simple: Money. Adding four quarterfinal games and four more teams will extend the college season by a week. It will also include more fanbases being interested into November with the possibility of their team making the playoff.

If the playoff were to expand, it should be done in baby steps.

Going from four to six would allow two more teams to get in, regardless if they are a Power 5 champion. However, if the playoff expands to eight, that would likely guarantee six automatic qualifiers from the five Power 5 champions and a Group of 5 champion.

Automatic qualifiers will ruin the regular season.

Again, expansion will inevitably make its way into the College Football Playoff because money is involved. College football fans will learn to adjust to six and then eight teams over time. However, anything beyond that will make a complete mockery of the sport. The reason college football is the best is that the regular season matters so much. Do not let it become college basketball.

A four-team field is not for long, but anything beyond eight teams will ruin the sport.

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