Clemson football fan eating entire jug Duke’s Mayo at Georgia game

Clemson football fans are getting way too into the Duke’s Mayo Classic, with one man at the game against Georgia literally eating a tub.

Clemson fans have zero chill when it comes to mayo.

Already on Saturday, college football fans were treated to a grown man smothering himself with a tub of Duke’s Mayo in preparation for the Duke’s Mayo Classic between Clemson and Georgia.

Another Clemson football fan went wild with the mayo

During the game, another Clemson fan started scooping the stuff straight down his gullet.

Listen, we get enjoying some good old corporate sponsorship, but we didn’t see fans guzzling Cheez-Its at the Cheez-It Bowl or Tostitos at the Fiesta Bowl.

This is too much. Clemson fans, get it together. You’ve got a Top 5 matchup to watch. The last thing anybody needs is to add stomach problems to go along with the increased heart rate that inevitably comes with a college football game.

Watch the second half of the first major college football matchup live on ABC.

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Source: FanSided

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