Chuck Todd Blames Biden For Not Fixing Everything In 9 Months

Chuck Todd fully embraced Republican misinformation and glossed over the realities of the pandemic while faulting Biden for not returning everything back to normal already.

Chuck Todd Blames Biden For Not Fixing Everything Already.


Todd said as he opened Meet The Press:

And a good Sunday morning. The economy’s inability to fully recover from the shock of Covid-19 is both an economic story and a political one. So what is holding the economy back? In the spring, we thought we were turning the corner on Covid, but when we turned that corner, the Delta variant was waiting on the other side to hit us hard in the face. Delta and vaccine refusals sent cases to their second highest peak of this pandemic this summer, before they finally began to trend downward. Let’s hope there’s not another variant out there. A post-Covid supply chain back-up has spread across the globe, causing cargo ship traffic jams, slowing delivery of goods and yes, driving up costs. In fact, those higher costs have helped feed a rise in prices all over the map, leading to the sharpest rise in inflation in 13 years.

On top of that – millions of Americans have decided they don’t want to return to their old high-stress, low-wage jobs. So, that’s keeping job creation stubbornly low for the last two months and takes some important workers out of the supply chain. All those economic problems add up to a big political problem for the president.

Is all of this his fault? Of course not, but it is now his responsibility, and he and fellow Democrats are in real danger of suffering some serious political consequences. Mr. Biden ran on a promise of a basic return to normal, or at least a path to normalcy. But with the midterm elections just over a year away, unless voters see evidence of this new normal, they may decide to return power back to the Republicans.

None Of This Is Biden’s Fault

The problems can all be traced back to Republicans refusing to get vaccinated. The supply chain issues are global and have nothing to do with Biden’s policies. Hiring is dragging because COVID is still with us, and the pandemic is driving inflation.

There is not a single Biden policy that caused this mess. Nowhere did Todd mention that Republicans are attempting to use the pandemic to sabotage President Biden.

The Mainstream Media Wants Republicans Back In Power.

The corporate media of which college dropout Chuck Todd is a member loves divided government because it gives them the conflict and drama that they desperately crave without requiring them to do any of the actual work of journalism like informing the public about policies and how their government works.

The corporate media has seen their relevance decline since Trump lost, and Todd’s deceptive misinforming intro is an example of how they are working to help Republicans win in 2022.


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