Christine Brown’s boyfriend David Woolley’s daughter Kati bashes report on her mother’s death



​David’s daughter, Kati, called out a recent article about her mom, Margaret. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

The boyfriend of Sister Wives star Christine Brown, David Woolley‘s daughter, Kati Charlene, is speaking out after a report surfaced with details about her late mother’s tragic death.

Earlier this year, Christine introduced the world to David, announcing that she’d finally found the “love of her life.”

Since going public with their romance, more details have emerged about David’s private life.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, David is a widower with eight children. Recently, more information came to light about his late wife.

According to a recent report from The Sun, David’s late wife, Margaret Woolley, ended her own life in 2012 at 43.

The article shared details about Margaret’s death, which isn’t sitting well with one of David’s daughters, Kati.

David Woolley’s daughter Kati Charlene slams a report on her mother’s death: ‘Simply not true’

Kati took to her Instagram this week to shoot down the report for capitalizing on her tragic loss.

In a Reel, Kati superimposed her image in front of a screenshot of the article. The headline read, “HEARTBREAKING DEATH Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s boyfriend David Woolley’s late wife died by tragic suicide and left devastating note.”

Kati told her followers, “Do you know what sucks pretty bad? To read an article about the worst moment of your entire life when you begged for them to not post it when you were asked for a comment.”

Katie went on to say that the story was not “gossip” or “public interest” but the “worst moment” of her life. David’s daughter explained how she has to relive that traumatic moment while the internet “picks apart” the story.

Kati then accused the outlet of making up a story that’s “simply not true,” noting that they “twisted” the details. She added that the reason for the article was to make money off her trauma.

The article reported that Margaret’s final note to her family stated that her loved ones “turned their backs” on her, which Kati tearfully disputed.

“Imagine the worst thing you’ve ever gone through, and then someone twisting the details and making a gossip article about it,” she lamented.

Kati wants to use her mom Margaret’s struggles with addiction and mental health to help others

The article claimed that Margaret died of an overdose and that her death was listed as suicide per the police report’s investigation from Utah’s Lehi City Police. In her IG reel, Kati noted that her mom had been suffering mentally and was an addict.

Kati dedicated her post to her mom, captioning it, “Hey momma, I think you would be proud that I finally stood up for myself like you were always telling me to do. Love you ❤️.”

In another IG Reel, Kati called out the British tabloid once again, this time for the photo they used of her mom, Margaret. Kati said that Margaret would have been “so mad” to see that the photo of her riding a motorcycle was posted, noting that she “hated” it.

Kati told her followers that her mom’s story is why she puts so much time and effort into her own mental health and hopes to use it for good to help others.

Kati jokes about her dad’s romance with Sister Wives star Christine Brown

Christine and David have been shouting their love for each other from the rooftops. Judging by their social media posts, they are absolutely smitten with each other.

When Christine and David went public with their romance, Kati celebrated the news in another IG post. In the video, Kati looked ecstatic that her dad found love again but joked about David getting attention online for being recognized as “sexy.”

Christine and David’s romance looks as though it’s the real deal. In addition to Kati, Sister Wives viewers have been gushing over their relationship. After David’s tragic loss and Christine’s rocky plural marriage to Kody Brown, viewers are happy to see them both find love again.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.



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