Carolina Hurricanes win internet with epic troll job of Nashville Predators

Carolina Hurricanes win internet with epic troll job of Nashville Predators

Everyone get off the internet for the day because the Carolina Hurricanes just won it after trolling the Nashville Predators.

The internet serves many purposes, but none of those purposes are more meaningful and sacred than sports teams trolling each other. After eliminating the Nashville Predators on Thursday night, the Carolina Hurricanes could have been polite. Instead, they woke up on Friday morning and chose violence.

Following their exciting Game 6 overtime win over the Predators in Nashville, the Hurricanes rubbed salt in their opponent’s wounds with an epic photoshop troll job.

Carolina Hurricanes gave the Nashville Predators what they deserved

Yes, you read that correctly. In the year 2021, the Predators willingly allowed the rock band Creed to have a concert during an intermission. Yes, the same band who everyone secretly liked back the late 1990s to early 200s, but proceeded to hate after acquiring some actual musical taste.

How do I know everyone secretly liked Creed back then? Because I myself am guilty. Before I realized what rock music should sound like, they were a pretty awesome band.

But this isn’t the late 1990s or early 2000s. This is 2021 and there is no real reason to play Creed at any time. Especially during a sporting event. And there is truly no reason to let Creed have a concert during an intermission.

Game 6 wasn’t the only thing the Predators lost on Thursday night. They lost their dignity. Now the Predators must live in their own prison. What If they didn’t allow Creed to have an intermission concert? Perhaps if the Predators made the right decision, they would have gone Higher than the first round. Instead, the Predators drew One Last Breath on Thursday night. And the Hurricanes decided to put them out of their misery on Friday. Now the Predators must accept their fate With Arms Wide Open.

Source: FanSided

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