Cardi B Deactivates Twitter Over Fan Backlash

The Grammy-winning rapper exclusively revealed she’s releasing her own doll on the TODAY Show. Cardi opened up about how she wanted to design a doll that not only looks like her but also represents a diverse array of girls, including her 2-year-old daughter Kulture, because she didn’t have that luxury growing up.

“I have a 2-year-old, right? And I buy dolls every time I go to Target, and they expensive. So somebody came with this idea to me and I’m like, ‘That is great, because I would love my daughter to play with a doll that looks like me,'” Cardi said during the interview. “Growing up, I ain’t ever seen a doll that look like me. I ain’t ever seen a doll that really represents me. When you go to the doll aisle when you was my age, it’s either like there’s a real white one or there’s a real dark one. And there’s barely one that’s in the middle. None of them have my style, none of them have my flavor. I want a doll that represents me.”

She informed the Bardi Gang on Instagram about her Cardi B doll package, which can be preordered here on the Real Women Are website and will only be available for 72 hours. The $35 limited-edition doll begins shipping in July, but fans have already expressed their frustration over waiting for her next album.

Her latest single, “Up,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and Cardi thanked her fans for helping her land her ninth top 10 hit. “I want to say thank you to all my fans and supporters this is BIG for me,” she tweeted last month. “I wanted to beat my last solo single number & I over succeeded. First time a female rapper debut top 5 since Lauren. This is pop girl shi– but I’m not pop.” The song is expected to appear on her as-yet untitled second studio album.

Source: News | Billboard

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