Canada-ROC women’s hockey game delayed, reportedly over COVID tests

The Olympic women’s hockey game between Team Canada and the ROC was delayed on Sunday night with reports claiming COVID tests weren’t sent.

There was drama on the ice at the Olympics on Sunday. Or rather, there was drama over taking the ice.

Canada and ROC, or Russian Olympic Committee, were slated to battle it out in women’s hockey but the time for face off came and went without the Canadian women emerging from their locker room.

According to multiple reports, Team Canada refused to emerge because the ROC had not given them COVID test results.

Canada-ROC women’s hockey game delayed over COVID tests

The Canadiansrequested an hour-long delay while waiting for the ROC to produce their COVID test results.

There is some reason for concern. ROC had players in quarantine at the start of the tournament because of COVID. They have since played games but Canada isn’t taking any chances. It’s not clear why results wouldn’t have been shared.

While the women from the ROC came out to warm up initially, they too went back to their locker room when it became clear the Canadians would not come out.

The IOC has not commented on the situation, so this is a developing story. The NBC broadcast reported the game would not start until at least 12:10 a.m. ET.

Source: FanSided

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