Can Patriots Fans Root For Tom Brady When He Returns?

Can Patriots Fans Root For Tom Brady When He Returns? | Sports Takes & News |

The date has been set and the time is now known for the return of Tom Brady to Foxboro. With the announcement of the 2021 NFL schedule, we now know that on October 3rd the reigning Super Bowl champs will travel to New England to take on the Patriots. The game will be the first-time quarterback Tom Brady will dress in the visitors’ locker room against the team that employed him for two decades. Even in May, however, the question is being asked: Can Patriots fans root for Tom Brady against their beloved team? 

It is time for New England Patriots fans to be honest with each other as well as with the rest of NFL fans: NONE of you would be fans of the Patriots if it was not for Tom Brady, PERIOD.

To think you can now turn around and boo him after he gave an entire generation of fans more Super Bowls than any city in twenty years would be the height of hypocrisy. Goodness knows every other person in the stands at Gillette Stadium on the night of October 3rd will be breaking out their Tom Brady jerseys one more time.

Do you really think it is going to mean anything if you start booing him during a primetime game? Forgetting the fact that Tom Brady would be even more focused and pumped hearing a stadium full of fans booing him (something he hears half the season anyway), do you really think he deserves to hear anything other than a standing ovation from Patriots fans? And please, before anyone thinks about it, DON’T make one of those lame half-and-half jerseys by sewing together a Patriots #12 and a Buccaneers #12 jersey for this game, because it really is OK to root for Tom Brady no matter what team colors he’s wearing.

This is your big chance Patriots fans: This is when you tell the “hoodie” Bill Belichick and the “massage getting” owner Robert Kraft who was responsible for all those Lombardi trophies, TB12. Everyone knows the “hoodie” drove Brady out of New England, so why would you want to boo the player who would have been happy to stay with your team; it’s the head coach you should be jeering and the quarterback you should be cheering.

Tom Brady made your team matter for the first time in franchise history, and people are thinking about booing him on October 3rd, really? Yeah, I know there are only a handful of NFL games every year and you can’t afford to be sentimental over a player because every game counts for so much, but this is Tom Brady, the player who made your team special for twenty years, and now you want to boo him? Come on!

Tom Brady did as much for any NFL team than any other superstar player has done over their career. There is no way in my mind he deserves to be booed for one second. You can cheer and scream your lungs out hoping the Patriots beat the Buccaneers in Week Four, but you dare not boo Tom Brady every time he drops back for a pass, even if he is on a game-winning drive. Because as annoying as I know most people believe TB12 can be, he deserves better from the fans of the New England Patriots, and for anyone who calls themselves a fan to show him anything other than the utmost respect means you should have your tickets revoked, and be disavowed by the team as a traitor.

That’s how much Tom Brady means to the Patriots and the NFL, so show it on October 3rd or lose the respect of every pro football fan in the country for being a phony front-runner. 


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Can Patriots Fans Root For Tom Brady When He Returns? |

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