Can Draymond Green Be The Tony Romo Of The NBA?

Can Draymond Green Be The Tony Romo Of The NBA? | Sports Takes & News |

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors is an athlete who is quick to disclose his opinion on almost any topic, and appears destined for a future career in broadcasting because of that willingness to share what’s on his mind. Green, it appears, does have another reason for sharing so many of his thoughts, especially about basketball, which is why he may be able to trade in a basketball for a microphone when is playing days are done. And while the former Michigan State Spartan does admit that he wants to be the Tony Romo of the NBA, there will need to be something he learns between now and his retirement in order to get the job he seeks during the next phase of his life.

There are many professional athletes who understand that while they are still playing, they won’t be able to put on a uniform forever. Many of them invest their multi-million-dollar contracts into businesses away from the game to help them prepare for life after sports, even while they are still competing for championships. Some others are “naturals” for a job in the media since they have that special combination of on-air personality and ability to share insights about their sport in ways that connects with fans watching at home. Even fewer athletes are willing to share the “behind the scenes” knowledge that most others consider too “next level” for fans or even the media to understand. 

Draymond Green is one of those rare players who checks all these boxes.

True, Draymond Green has been in the headlines recently after sharing his thoughts about the inequities in the sports world between men and women. These thoughts have, to say the least, been met with much feedback from the female athletes whom Green had sought to assist. Nevertheless, those in the NBA media have not yet stopped putting a microphone in front of the Warriors’ forward, and likely won’t anytime soon since he is an instant source of “click bait” for websites.

One of the reasons Green talks so much about basketball is something he explained on the ETC Podcast hosted by his former teammate Kevin Durant. Green said:

“Nowadays you can’t turn on the TV and learn about the game of basketball, and that’s because too many people have voices that don’t know shit about the game … It’s fucking the game up.”

But while Green does offer some insights on the NBA game, in order to be the next Tony Romo, he may need to do something he hasn’t proven capable of doing yet.

Censoring himself.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman caught some heat this past season when an open mic caught them mocking a military fly-over during an NFL game; comments that they said were clearly in jest, and one the audio backs up. But think about this: If the top NFL voices at Fox Sports couldn’t get away with a bad attempt at humor without someone releasing an audio tape of what they said, will Draymond Green be able to keep his thoughts on the NBA under wraps if he one day takes over for Charles Barkley on TNT or Mark Jackson on ESPN?

I ask this since I am one of those people who do find Green refreshingly honest to the point of defiance, unlike Tony Romo, who does his best to keep things focused on the game at hand. Draymond Green doesn’t need much prompting to take a conversation somewhere he shouldn’t … and worse, onto an issue he is ill-informed about, such as his comments about women’s sports in America.

In his short broadcasting career, Draymond Green was so honest last summer when working for TNT, that he drew a fine from the NBA for talking too much about another player, something that was deemed tampering by commissioner Adam Silver. Once free of the limitations of being an NBA player, Green has the potential of being an outstanding commentator IF (and this is a big IF) he doesn’t do what former players like Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley have been accused of doing in recent seasons. 

Come unprepared to work and bash players without proof or cause.

Draymond Green may be willing to talk about things he’s not in the best position to do so, which isn’t something Tony Romo does for CBS during the NFL season. However, it’s something Green still has a few years to fix before he retires from the NBA. 


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Can Draymond Green Be The Tony Romo Of The NBA? |

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