Bryan Harsin instituted lamest ‘motivational’ tactic ever

First-year Auburn football coach Bryan Harsin has an interesting method to instill some toughness by banning the elevator for his players. You read that right.

Auburn football has a head coach isolating after testing positive for COVID-19, a brutal schedule that could see the Tigers struggle to win seven games and several intriguing position battles ahead of next week’s season-opener.

However, that all takes a backseat to the biggest news surrounding Auburn football.

Taking the elevator is not an option.

Bryan Harsin has weird motivational tactic for Auburn football players

Yes, first-year Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin has put a sign up by the elevator of the athletics complex that says only injured players are permitted to use it and that healthy players must take the stairs.

Even Harsin is taking the steps so he’s not guilty of not following his own edict.

If there’s one thing that’s for certain it’s that Auburn football players will have the necessary leg muscles needed to beat Alabama and win the SEC West.

Look, I’m not going to rag on Harsin for not advocating for the COVID-19 vaccine earlier this summer and saying it’s karma that he tested positive. That would be untoward. And I’m not going to comment on Harsin saying he’s not anti-vax despite the previous sentence.

But I am going to knock him for this high school tactic of somehow motivating or instilling some sort of toughness with his team with the elevator ban.

Maybe that stuff flies at Boise State, but this is Auburn and this is the SEC and it’s comical that this is a real thing.

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