Bryan Cranston Explains Viral TikTok Shutting Down Fan

“I’d go and visit your mother every once in a while.”

You know Bryan Cranston. He’s the star of Breaking Bad, and just overall, a full-on legend of a person.

It takes place at Nerd HQ in 2015, when Bryan was being interviewed. When they allowed fan questions, a fan asked Bryan about visiting Albuquerque. “I grew up in Albuquerque,” the fan said, clearly very nervous. “Was there any cool places that you liked? How’d you like it? Did you have fun there?!”

Without missing a beat, Bryan responded, “Yeah, I’d go and visit your mother every once in a while.”

The mic-drop moment caused an eruption of applause and commotion in the crowd. The fan said, “Wow, that was a little mean.”

Well on Thursday, I caught up with Bryan on the Songwriters Hall of Fame red carpet, where I asked him about the now-infamous moment.

L. Busacca / Getty Images for Songwriters Hall of Fame

“That’s just rotten,” Bryan joked. “That was a rotten thing for me to say.”

“In its time, in its place, in its context, it made sense,” he said. I then asked him, “Was the fan fucking with you or something prior?”

“No!” Bryan said. “It was a guy who was asking a sincere question, and I was just messing with him.

“Then, afterward, I gave him a hug and said, ‘Thanks for your question.’ He wasn’t offended by it.”

I love that he explained that moment because I’ve always wondered if his comeback was out of the blue — and it was! LMAO, legend.

You can watch the full moment again here.

Source: BuzzFeed – Celebrity

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