Brooks Koepka’s golf cart for The Match features greatest hits of Bryson jabs

Brooks Koepka takes on rival Bryson DeChambeau in The Match on Friday but he unveiled his pitch-perfect golf cart for the showdown on Thanksgiving.

In case you were blissfully unaware, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau have been going after one another — both verbally and on social media — for well over two years at this point. On the day after Thanksgiving, however, they’ll settle their feud on the course.

Back in October, Koepka and DeChambeau announced that they would face off on Friday, Nov. 26 in the fifth edition of Capital One’s The Match. Naturally, there have been jabs traded on Twitter between the two golfers leading up to the 12-hole showdown but the best trash talk of all might actually not require any words from either player.

That’s because Brooks Koepka unveiled an all-timer of a golf cart on Thanksgiving Day, showing off the wheels he’ll be rocking at The Match on Friday — a cart featuring some of his most notable barbs and words from his feud with DeChambeau.

Brooks Koepka’s golf cart for The Match has a history of feud with Bryson DeChambeau

Koepka’s cart features a quartet of some of his best quotes over the past two years with he and DeChambeau going at one another.

“2 short of a 6 pack” refers to Koepka’s reply to DeChambeau when the latter said the former didn’t even have abs, so Koepka replied with a picture of his four major championship trophies.

Of course, the “Let’s go Brooksy” quote requires little explanation. The “ants” quote goes back to Koepka trolling his rival when he tried to get relief from what he believed was an anthill. Meanwhile, the “Sorry, bro” is what Koepka said to Aaron Rodgers upon finding out the Packers quarterback would be paired with DeChambeau at The Match 4.

In fact, even the Michelob Ultra sponsorship is a bit of a troll job itself as that is the company that Brooks partnered with about yelling at DeChambeau in events, offering free beer to fans who participated (an ill-received move, for what it’s worth).

Who knows what will be said or what will happen on the course on Friday but the trash talk is definitely heating up with something like this golf cart now in play.

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