Brent Faiyaz and Tyler the Creator, ‘Gravity’: Song You Need to Know

Brent Faiyaz and Tyler the Creator, 'Gravity': Song You Need to Know

Brent Faiyaz’s “Gravity” feels like an outer-space experience the moment you press play. While the groovy guitar compliments the mesmerizing bass line, the changing pitch of Faiyaz’ voice sounds as if Martians have just stepped in the booth to provide ad-libs. With the addition of Tyler the Creator’s guest verse, it’s a timeless-feeling tune about being held down, even if you’re in orbit.

Faiyaz boasts about his quest to stardom, singing, “I’m on (Don’t act like I’m average)/But you want me home (Home)/I’d get you what you want (Superstar status).” He also points out the importance of loyalty: “You held me up when I was down and out/But I don’t want you waitin’ ’round for me (She hold me down).” This concept of “stars” not being able to “stay down” is referenced all throughout the track; Tyler’s verse begins with “Yeah, see, I’m a star, look at me from afar/Hard to be down to Earth, when you nestin’ on Mars.” It’s a song about fidelity, but also about how complicated that can be as an artist, as the lyrics “I don’t want you waiting too long” echo through the track.

“Gravity” is the Maryland singer’s first single of the year, following last year’s EP, Fuck the World, which peaked at Number 18 on the RS 200 Albums chart. Along with Tyler the Creator, the track features Steve Lacy on guitar and bass along with production from A-list producer DJ Dahi, who has worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and Drake.

DJ Dahi’s signature boom-bap kick and snare leaves space for Lacy’s chords and Brent’s melodies to flourish. No chaotic high-hat patterns to interrupt the chord progressions, just some intergalactic crashes that prepare you for lift-off. Together, Dahi, Faiyaz, and Tyler the Creator deliver an instant pop hit.

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Source: Music – Rolling Stone

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