Boxing broadcast mistakes Kevin Garnett for Dwight Howard sitting ringside

The boxing broadcast of the Gervonta Davis and Isaac Cruz fight mistook a ringside Kevin Garnett for Dwight Howard — and didn’t even notice Paul Pierce.

Getting spotted in the crowd at a Staples Center event is practically a Los Angeles tradition.

While it usually takes place at Lakers and Clippers games, there were celebrities in the crowd on Sunday night at the Gervonta Davis vs. Isaac Cruz match.

One of those celebrities was Lakers center/power forward Dwight Howard — or so the boxing broadcast apparently thought.

Adorned with a tag designed for Dwight Howard, legendary power forward Kevin Garnett was sitting ringside with his friend and former teammate, Paul Pierce. Pierce wasn’t even recognized, mistaken or otherwise.

Kevin Garnett mistaken for Dwight Howard at Davis vs. Cruz match

It’s difficult to discern what is more embarrassing: that Kevin Garnett wasn’t recognized, or that Dwight Howard was so easy to misplace in his home arena.

Or, that the broadcast didn’t recognize Paul Pierce, who had his own television career as an NBA analyst for ESPN.

Both Howard and Garnett have had illustrious NBA careers, with Howard playing his 17th NBA season this year and Garnett retiring after 19 seasons in 2016.

Both players won at least one NBA championship, with Garnett winning with Pierce and the Celtics in 2008, and Howard winning with the Lakers in 2020.

Despite their comparable longevity and accolades, Garnett was simply on another level, residing on a pedestal as one of the greatest power forwards of all time. Howard may not have that distinction, but he appears to carry more weight in the Los Angeles area compared to Garnett, whose career heights were in the 1990s and 2000s.

Sports can be an unforgiving business, with age and retirement directing the spotlight away from the game’s greatest players. Nothing quite reinforces that like being forgotten at the Staples Center with your famous fellow NBA star.

Source: FanSided

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