Bombshell Analysis Reveals The Top 1% Get NOTHING In The Biden Stimulus

The bottom 20% of Americans will see their income go up by 20%, while the top 1% will get nothing from the Biden stimulus.

According to an analysis from the Tax Policy Center:

Here is the analysis:

Republicans claim that they are the party of working people, but the reality is that they all voted against the Biden stimulus bill because it doesn’t boost the incomes of the top one percent.

Republicans in Congress don’t care about poor and working-class people. They spent their time when they had the majority in the House and Senate passing tax cuts for the rich, and then trying to pay for them by cutting programs to the poor and working poor.

The Biden stimulus doesn’t just talk the talk. It walks the walk. For the first time in decades, Republicans didn’t have the power to demand that rich people get something out of a stimulus plan. The American Rescue Plan will deliver money to those who need it the most, which will help businesses all across the country.

By winning the election and controlling Congress, Democrats have been able to increase the poorest Americans’ income by 20% with one piece of legislation.

Joe Biden has struck a mighty first blow against income inequality.

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