BLACKPINK’s The Show Concert: 10 Standout Moments

1. The Live Band Opening With “Kill This Love” 

One of the best parts about BLACKPINK’s In Your Area tour from 2019 was hearing the group reinterpret their smashes with a full, live band accompanying them. Even with COVID-19 restrictions and moving to an online concert, the group was able to bring in their backing band members to not only serve their Hot 100 hit “Kill This Love” with all the style, vocals, raps and choreography fans expect, but as well as a refreshing musical rework thanks to their drummer, bassist, guitarist and keyboardist.

2. Jisoo Taking Tove Lo’s Track on an Emotional Journey

Fans knew to expect some special solo stages from the individual members, and Jisoo full-on delivered by not only offering an emotional cover of Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High),” but reworking the track with new Korean lyrics — just like she did during the 2019 tour with Zedd’s “Clarity.” It was a treat not only for her international fans, but to see the starlet bring her vocals to a familiar hit while carrying it out in a way that’s most comfortable for her.

3. Lisa Does Doja Cat With Disco, Dancing and Rapping

The group’s youngest member also brought out a new take on a major pop hit. The Thai singer took Doja Cat’s No. 1 Hot 100 hit “Say So” and added her own set of new rap lyrics as well as brought out a full-fledged dance break. While Lisa handled a dance cover in 2019 (with her “Swalla” performance that seemingly went viral every night), this cover let Lisa showcase her vocals, rap style and dance skills.

4. “Sour Candy” Comes to the Stage

BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga’s Chromatica collaboration “Sour Candy” is an undeniable fan-favorite track for both fandoms, and the girls brought it to the stage for The Show. While Gaga wasn’t with them, the deep-house/dance-pop tune thrived with elements of voguing incorporated into the stage choreography.

5. The Album‘s Acoustic B-Side Section

The Show was going allow BLACKPINK to finally bring the multiple cuts from 2020’s The Album that hadn’t yet gotten the live-stage treatment. A standout moment came when the quartet slowed things down for a moment to perform their most acoustic-leaning B-sides “Love to Hate Me” and “You’ll Never Know,” two of the most emotional songs in their repertoire. Not only did the two tracks give fans a chance to see the members in a new light (no backup dancers or fancy stage lighting, just the ladies singing in chairs), but offered the group a chance to focus on their strong vocals. (In particular, Jisoo continued to wow with her vocals throughout this section.)

6. Jennie Slays a New “Solo” 

As the first member to release her own music in 2018, Jennie’s single “Solo” has been a staple in the group’s setlist. But the singer-rapper also served a surprise for fans when she performed her empowerment anthem with a refreshed concept and a whole set of new rap lyrics. She not only took some time to flex in the new section (“W, no L’s / covered W and Elle“) as well as give a shoutout to her favorite brands such as Chanel and even the Blinks, the name for BLACKPINK’s fans.

7. Rosé Previews Her Solo Music

Fans have been eagerly awaiting vocal powerhouse Rosé to deliver her anticipated solo music for years, and The Show finally previewed a bit of what they can expect. Not only did fans see a clip of a music video to new song “Gone” — which seems to be a song fully in English and was reported to be a B-side on her forthcoming record — but got a live snippet as well. Rosé fully embodied the emotional, acoustic-leaning cut, revealing vulnerable lyrics including “I feel used/ How I’m supposed to live without you? I refuse.”

8. Bringing Out All the Elements for “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”

While it’s unfortunate the global pandemic  means BLACKPINK can’t showcase their songs with in-person concerts, the performance of “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” brought something that likely wouldn’t be possible to take on road. Not only did the quartet decorate their stage with a display of fire and pyrotechnics, but the set itself was transformed into a shallow pool for the girls and their troupe of backup dancers to stomp throughout the track. The fire and water elements shine, but they brought out some of their most intricate choreography of the entire show — perhaps best seen when Rosé sang a verse fully horizontal while three muscular dancers maneuvered and moved her, carefully holding the star above their heads.

9. The Playful Performance of “As If It’s Your Last”

2017 single “As If It’s Your Last” is a favorite among Blinks, but The Show may have also revealed it to be one of BLACKPINK’s as well. Viewers saw the girls having loads of fun, best illustrated when Jennie and Lisa face one another during the chorus, and the former cracked a face to make the youngest member laugh mid song. Lisa would later transfer the silliness over to Jisoo with a playful spank during another chorus section, causing the group’s eldest to bust a huge smile as well.

10. The Compliment Session

The Show offered a few moments for the women to talk with their fans for a bit, but the best chat session may have come ahead of the finale when the girls were showing their love for one another. Jennie began by talking about Rosé’s solo performance of “Gone,” sharing that she was surprised by the new video as well, while Lisa gave her props about her preparation process saying, “It was really cool, you barely slept.”

Rosé flipped things over to Jennie and commented that her “Solo” stage was “cray-zy” as the girls hyped up “Rapper Jennie” and her new verses. The group also showed love to their fans who tuned in, as well as the instrumentalists, dancers and staff members who made The Show happen.

Before closing with the track “Forever Young” that featured fan-made signs and messages, there was a palpable sense of gratitude and admiration from BLACKPINK, which added a special, human element after these superstars powered through the performance.

BLACKPINK’s The Show setlist:

“Kill This Love”
“Crazy Over You”
“How You Like That”
“Don’t Know What to Do”
“Playing With Fire”
“Lovesick Girls”
“Habits (Stay High)” (Tove Lo cover performed by Jisoo)
“Say So” (Doja Cat cover performed by Lisa)
“Sour Candy”
“Love to Hate Me”
“You Never Know”
“Solo” (Performed by Jennie)
“Gone” (Performed by Rosé)
“Pretty Savage”
“Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”
Video interview interlude (Soundtracked to “Stay”)
“As If It’s Your Last”
“Forever Young”

Source: Billboard

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