Bill Maher Goes MAGA And Defends Ivermectin

Bill Maher claimed that Ivermectin is getting knocked by the left and sounded more and more like Trump.

Video of Maher talking about Ivermectin:

Maher said, “On the left, it was like oh, no, you can’t even mention it…The comedians on the left would only talk about the fact that it was used to deworm horses leaving out that it has been prescribed millions of times for humans. Now, there was a study done, a large patient study in Brazil said that Ivermectin had no effect whatsoever. But, do you know what? There’s always multiple studies. I don’t know. Doctors are also wrong a lot about sh*t.”

We know Ivermectin doesn’t work because it is a parasite medication, and COVID is a virus.

It is basic science.

Bill Maher defending Ivermectin is not surprising. Maher has increasingly slid into MAGAness for years. From his misogyny to his racism and Islamaphobia, the HBO host has been drifting right for a very long time.

As a public health warning, it is important to note that the science is not wrong. Ivermectin is not a COVID treatment. The best way to avoid dying from COVID is to get vaccinated.

The horse dewormer will not work, and on Ivermectin, Bill Maher sounds a lot like Donald Trump.


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