Bill Belichick Better Not Trade For Julio Jones

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Bill Belichick Better Not Trade For Julio Jones | Sports Takes & News |

I have been seeing reports for multiple days of the Patriots being interested in trading for Julio Jones, and the question I must ask is … WHY? Don’t you now have enough pieces Bill Belichick? Or is this no longer about adding pieces to create a good team, and moreso about Tom Brady? I understand if Belichick is pissed about Brady winning a title without him, but he is going to great lengths to one up him.

I think this has huge potential to blow up in Belichick’s face which is why I think he shouldn’t trade for Julio Jones. 

Let’s be honest if Bill Belichick can’t win with the pieces he just added from free agency, then how great of a coach is he really? He needs all of this the second Brady leaves? What happened to coaching dudes up on the cheap? I guess that was just bullshit we ate up for years. 

Show us your true coaching greatness by winning with Cam Newton and the guys you have. Don’t trade for Julio Jones, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Donald, Patrick Mahomes, LeBron or anyone else you can think of. Just win with the pieces you have and shut people like me the hell up. 



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Bill Belichick Better Not Trade For Julio Jones |

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