Bigger Crybaby: LeBron James Or Aaron Rodgers?

Bigger Crybaby: LeBron James Or Aaron Rodgers? | Sports Takes & News |

There are two superstars from two different sports making headlines as May begins; one is LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, and the other is Aaron Rodgers (currently) of the Green Bay Packers. Both are known as athletes known for being a bit whiny, yet both are taking their bellyaching to a whole new level in recently days. So, who is the bigger crybaby, “The King,” or the “Diva” quarterback?

Sadly, for LeBron James, the 2021 NBA season hasn’t gone as well as he would have liked. Sure, it was only seven months ago that James and the Los Angeles Lakers won the asterisk covered NBA Finals. But as spring arrives and “The Chosen One” is seeing his athletic mortality hit him in the face with every injury he suffers, James is now upset that his team may fall into the seventh seed in the NBA’s Western Conference, forcing them to participate in the first play-in tournament to secure a playoff berth. 

LeBron’s whining has caught the attention of many around the league, with 76ers executive Daryl Morey tweeting out, “I can’t believe the NBA hastily implemented a change that makes games more meaningful,” a swipe at the new rule for setting the playoff brackets as well as LeBron James. 

As you may remember, James was supportive of the idea put forth by Adam Silver in March of last year; but now, with his team on the brink of being the seventh seed, James said this weekend, “Whoever came up with that shit needs to be fired.” 

Then we have horse enthusiast and Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who thought on the eve of the NFL Draft last week would be a perfect time to make it known that he wants out of Green Bay. Rodgers would later clarify his remarks by letting both the team and the Packers fanbase know he would be more than happy to return to Lambeau Field for the 2021 season, provided the team’s general manager Brian Gutekunst was fired before the start of training camp. Rodgers even went so far as to channel his inner Ben Roethlisberger when he made it known if Gutekunst wasn’t fired, he would consider retirement rather than returning to Green Bay for the upcoming season. 

It doesn’t take much to upset either LeBron James or Aaron Rodgers, and both have been upset in recent weeks. James tried to come back from a high-ankle sprain but was forced to leave his second game back early when pain returned to the same foot. Without being on the court for six weeks, a weak Lakers squad slipped from second into a three-way tie for fifth in the Western Conference standings, making James face the prospect of being in the NBA’s first play-in tournament in order to secure a playoff berth at the end of the regular season.

 The play-in tournament was a concept James liked last year when it was first proposed, but doesn’t like now since he may need to fight to defend his NBA crown by using it to make the postseason. 

Rodgers, it is being reported, was asked to redo his contract with the Packers to provide the team more cap space. The process seems to have offended Rodgers, prompting his call for Gutekunst to be fired or have the team face playing without him. This while Rodgers is making it clear which teams he wants to play for; including Denver, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Rodgers, in classic passive-aggressive move, also did an off-camera interview from the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, confirming that he is unable with the Green Bay Packers.

As much as I like Rodgers, I am giving him the nod here for biggest crybaby for this reason: He needs to remember that sports for most of the year is a business first, and his contract talks are part of that business. 

I know Rodgers is coming off an MVP season and one of the best seasons of his career; but from a business standpoint, it would be difficult for any team to expect him to repeat his 2020 performance next season. So, asking for some salary cap relief is not uncommon in a situation like this, and something Rodgers cannot take personally, which he clearly is by calling for people to be fired and being a crybaby. 

LeBron James, for all his whining is just upset because for the first time in his career he is facing the fact that he is not immortal. He admitted after his first game back since his injury in late March that he will never be 100% healthy again. James understands that because of his injury, a 72-game season may come down to two games, and what was a promising start to this year may turn into a missed opportunity to win another title for a player that has few chances left to do so. 

I understand where James is coming from and respect his frustration … Rodgers, on the other hand, is being a crybaby of the worst kind, and I hope he is forced to deal with people he doesn’t want to work with or does the unthinkable, quit the Green Bay Packers this offseason. Maybe then a few more athletes like James and Rodgers will understand that in life everyone is replaceable, even future Hall of Famers like them. 


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Bigger Crybaby: LeBron James Or Aaron Rodgers? |

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