Biden to Roll Back Medicaid Work Requirements

Biden to Roll Back Medicaid Work Requirements

The Biden administration on Friday is expected to begin the process of rolling back Medicaid work requirements, according to a person familiar with the planning.

The move could put the administration on a collision course with some states that want to keep stricter program rules adopted under the Trump administration.

The decision comes after President Biden last month signed executive orders directing government agencies to re-examine Trump-era healthcare policies, which were expected to lead to the unraveling of initiatives such as Medicaid work requirements and short-term health plans. The orders specifically called for agencies to re-examine rules and policies that limit access to healthcare, including pilot programs to alter Medicaid and waivers that let states change the program, such as adding work requirements.

The work requirements have generally mandated that beneficiaries log 20 or more hours on a job, look for work, perform community service or take educational classes to get their Medicaid benefits. Kentucky, Arkansas, and Nebraska are among 12 states that received federal approval under the Trump administration to impose work requirements, although some plans were blocked by the courts. States could try to challenge efforts by the Biden administration.

Politico earlier reported the Biden administration’s plan to rescind the Medicaid work requirement.

Source: WSJ – US News

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