Biden Stands With Neera Tanden And Still Sees A Path To Her Confirmation

White Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the White House still sees a path to Neera Tanden’s confirmation as OMB Director and is standing by her.


Psaki said at Monday’s White House Press Briefing, “The president nominated her because he believed she’s tested, and she’s a leading policy expert. She has led a think tank in Washington that’s done a great deal of work, bipartisan work as well. She has won widespread support and endorsements from labor unions to the US Chamber of Commerce to others. She rolled up her sleeves and done the work. She’s met with more than 35 Senators, Democrats, and Republicans. This is the process. Confirmations, getting people confirmed. She has two committee votes this week, and we’re working toward that and will continue to work toward her confirmation.”

The Press Secretary said that the White House still sees a path to her confirmation.

Any Senator who uses Tanden’s tweets against her after four years of Donald Trump has no credibility. So far, none of the opposition to her confirmation has mounted a serious policy argument to dispute her confirmation.

The White House needs one Republican if Sen. Joe Manchin continues to oppose her confirmation. If they didn’t have that vote or believe that they have a chance of getting that vote, Tanden’s nomination would have been pulled already.

Joe Biden is showing loyalty to his nominees and that he will not be pushed around by Senate squawking.

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