Biden Is Making Government Efficient Again As Americans Already Start To Receive Rescue Checks

Donald Trump’s four years in the White House were defined by stunning corruption and incompetence, but in just 52 days, Joe Biden has already started making the government efficient again.

Less than 48 hours after Biden signed his historic $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into law, Americans are already starting to see $1,400 stimulus checks flow into their bank accounts.

As MSNBC’s Chris Hayes pointed out on Friday,  the speed with which Biden’s relief plan is being implemented is stunning, particularly given how massive it is.

“This is wild,” Hayes tweeted. “I’ve honestly never seen something at this scale and speed in the time I’ve covered politics.”

The federal government isn’t exactly known for speed and efficiency. During the Trump years, that was particularly true.

The speed with which the Biden administration is implementing the American Rescue Plan represents a real departure from the narrative that the government can’t do big things quickly.

Promises made, promises kept

Throughout his one-term presidency, Donald Trump frequently held rallies in which he bragged about campaign promises he fulfilled.

In just about every instance – from the wall for which Mexico was supposed to fund or the swamp he was supposed to drain – it was smoke and mirrors meant to keep his supporters happy.

For Biden, campaign season theatrics quickly ended after Jan. 20 and he got to work cleaning up the mess that Trump left on his desk.

Just over 50 days into his presidency, Joe Biden can honestly say he is starting to fulfill some of the key promises he made during the campaign, from tackling the pandemic to rescuing the economy to being a president who will represent Americans of all political persuasions.

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