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I recently went to Nashville for my cousin’s wedding and let me tell you, there are photo opportunities at every corner you turn. I am continuing my “Places to Take Photos in….” series. My last blog past was “Best Places to Take Photos in Miami” . This next blog takes place in Nashville.

I don’t think I’ll be able to cover all of the best places to take pictures because that would take 18 years to read. But here are some of my favorites:

Casa Rosa: The Miranda Lambert Bar/Restaurant 

First things first is Casa Rosa. We went here multiple times during my most recent trip and it is the coolest restaurant ever. There’s hand-painted artwork all around the building by an amazing artist. The talent is unreal! Plus, there is a huge stage that is usually used for dancing but I took advantage of it when it was empty. Upstairs there is a VIP area (where Miranda sits when she visits the restaurant/bar) with cool neon signs, an awesome bar, and overview of the restaurant from above.

Source: Elexyfy

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